Mechanism of immune response novel coronavirus pneumonia in severe new crown pneumonia

A novel coronavirus pneumonia was discovered by University of Science & Technology China, and the team from Professor Qu Kun of the Ministry of life sciences and medicine revealed that the treatment of patients with severe new crown pneumonia can be effectively treated by the chemotherapy. The treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia can reduce the normal anti viral immune response of patients with new crown pneumonia while reducing the damage of monocyte inflammatory factors. The results of the study were published on. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Professor Wei Haiming, was founded by

, China’s First Affiliated Hospital of China University of science and technology, and Professor Xu Xiaoling, First Affiliated Hospital of China University of science and technology. More than 20 countries have adopted it.

in novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia was used in two patients with severe new coronavirus pneumonia. However, treatment with tochizumab significantly attenuated the inflammatory immune response of monocytes.

in further research, researchers also found important transcription regulatory factors involved in the regulation of inflammatory cytokine storm, which may be used as potential drug targets for the treatment of diseases. In addition, the researchers also studied CD8 + T cells and B cells. The results showed that the cellular immune response represented by CD8 + T cells and the humoral immune response represented by B cells were improved to a certain extent after treatment with tochizumab. These results suggest that novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment for severe new crown pneumonia can effectively weaken the damage of inflammatory cytokine storm to the body, and help the body maintain a high level of antiviral immune response, thus effectively treating the disease.