Media: who is struggling inside and outside the parent group

These days, the incident of a parent withdrawing from the parent group quickly occupied various media and even triggered a scuffle. Many parents lamented that “finally someone said what they wanted to say but did not dare to say”, at the same time, they continued to pour out “bitter water”, and even gradually evolved into a protest against the teacher. And the teachers are also “voice”, some people drying out their “stars and wearing the moon” schedule, others list a day a certain hour at the same time to deal with more than a dozen things, in order to prove their “grievances” With the ferment of the “parents quitting group” incident, Jiangxi, Liaoning and other provinces have issued documents, which clearly put forward that teachers must correct homework in person, and parents and students are forbidden to do it on their behalf. Some media have combed the documents issued by provincial education authorities. The results show that since 2018, at least 10 provinces have “stopped” the practice of parents’ correcting students’ homework, and some places have incorporated homework management into performance appraisal. In fact, there has always been a contest between parents and teachers, but the fight between them often starts from emotion and ends with propriety, and there is not much time for them to “turn over their faces” openly. Some people say that the appearance of this kind of open scuffle fully demonstrates the mutual distrust between parents and teachers’ schools, and people even worry about whether the home school conflict will evolve in the direction similar to that between doctors and patients. Recently, a reporter from China Youth Daily · interviewed many parents and teachers. When they approached the teachers and parents who were troubled by the parents, they found that behind the contradiction were mutual incomprehension and mutual complaints, but more of them were anxiety and painful struggle. < / P > < p > “especially understand the” retired “parent Liu Peng, a parent of grade two students in Beijing, said that it should be a very simple requirement for parents to judge homework. What is really painful is the tasks that “seem to be left to students but are actually left to parents”. < / P > < p > “there are seven subjects in the mid-term examination for children. After analyzing the papers of seven subjects, only one subject and one subject can be written out. What’s more, it is necessary to analyze. How can a child finish it in one night? Is it possible that I don’t help? ” Liu Peng said that what he couldn’t understand was that it should not be the teacher’s business to analyze the test paper? The parent group is the product of the development of science and technology, which makes the communication between parents and teachers more convenient and fast, and almost becomes the standard configuration of Chinese parents. < / P > < p > “when there is no such internet tool as parent group, the conflicts between parents and teachers will be hidden because of time and space, but now these contradictions will be highlighted more quickly.” Chu Chaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, said. Nowadays, parents of primary school students are mainly born in the 1980s. As the first generation of only child in China, they do not have the forbearance of their predecessors. At the same time, they also bear greater pressure than their predecessors in the workplace. Many people live a “996 + white and black” life. Sometimes, the pressure from family leaders becomes the “last straw” of parents’ emotional collapse. < / P > < p > “what I fear most during the day is to receive news from parents.” In the afternoon, parents of grade one in Guangzhou will remind their parents to summarize the situation of their children’s homework. “Teachers don’t name their children, but they write out their children’s school numbers. Parents privately refer to this kind of registration as” registration “. Therefore, as long as I see parents sending messages in groups, my first reaction is to worry about my son being registered.” Lin Li said. However, even if many parents have the impulse to quit the parent group, few of them actually quit. Just like Lin Li said, on the day of registration, she will be in a state of confusion. However, if there is no movement in the parents’ group one day, she will be even more flustered. She does not know how the children are at school. Parents in China attach great importance to their children’s learning. Although many parents have called on the Internet to “stop parents’ correcting homework”, the reporter found in the interview that many parents are still willing to “intervene” in their children’s learning. They don’t think that the task assigned by the teacher is a burden. They even said that “parents can master the children’s learning situation by correcting homework”, “tutoring children’s homework is also a kind of parent-child interaction” and “hope that teachers can get involved in their children’s learning” Often feedback on children’s learning in the group. < / P > < p > “Why are conflicts easy to appear in primary school or kindergarten stage?” Xiong Bingqi, President of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from China Youth Daily., because the knowledge learned by children is not difficult at this time, parents have the ability to provide guidance, so parents will have a lot of involvement. But in high school, this kind of contradiction between parents and teachers is basically gone, because parents can not intervene, the contradiction will be eased. Some experts say that the dilemma of parents towards the “parent group” is actually a reflection of their inner struggle. In recent years, the “tiger mother” and “wolf father” who advocate “chicken baby” and “sheep mother” and “cat father” who advocate “happiness” exist at the same time. Sometimes, two different educational concepts exist at the same time in the same parent. The confrontation of different ideas will not only bring anxiety to parents, but also bring confusion. < / P > < p > “now the most painful thing for me is that I don’t have time to do what I want to do, but I have to do a lot of things I don’t want to do.” Zhang, a teacher in Haidian District of Beijing, explained to the reporter of Zhongqing daily and while sliding the mobile phone screen. In the past week, Mr. Zhang has sent 13 messages to parents, including 7 “want to” and 6 “have to”. For example, there are two pieces of “P >” in the examination period, which are related to the situation of children’s listening before and after the examination. < p > < p > of the six messages that Mr. Zhang “had to send”, three required parents to urge their children to complete a knowledge contest, and three were satisfaction surveys and two “Jielong” notices. < / P > < p > “this period of time is just in time for the examination. I have sent more information related to children’s learning and growth. Usually, a lot of information has to be sent.” Zhang said that the head teacher needs to spend too much time on all kinds of things that have nothing to do with education every day. There is a passage in this passage: a teacher falls into a pile of printed documents and his colleagues shake him up. The teacher opened his eyes and tried to pick up the scattered paper. Then he said, “these are my work summary, subject teaching summary, teaching and research group summary, pairing summary, topic summary, personal annual summary, personal 3-year plan, individual study observation record, subject summary, case tracking, home visit record, safety work summary, student assessment manual, student status card Registration, summary of extracurricular activities, teaching cases, teaching reflection, teaching essays, teaching papers, learning materials, business learning materials, listening records… ” In fact, many primary and secondary school teachers have already become real “cousins” and “cousins” for a long time. There are many forms that have nothing to do with teaching, and behind them there are many “chores” that have nothing to do with teaching. < / P > < p > “I often” cut corners “when I meet” chores “that have to be assigned to students.” Mr. Liu served as the head teacher of grade one in a middle school in Beijing. Once she was arranged to watch a video program, and then asked to hand in an article of impressions, “I directly gave it to one of my classmates and parents, and asked the parents to help complete it.”. < / P > < p > “I’m at risk.” Mr. Liu said that in case of inspection, he would be criticized. Mr. Liu said that he had received similar tasks before. Many children opened the same link at the same time. Due to the problem of Internet speed, the video viewing effect was very poor. “This kind of watching effect can not achieve any educational purpose, and it also adds burden to the parents of the children. I decide not to send such tasks to the group without authorization.”. < / P > < p > “the current situation is that parents are not parents, teachers are not teachers, and schools are not schools.” Xiong Bingqi said that at the end of last year, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council reduced the excessive non teaching pressure of primary and secondary school teachers. The administrative department has assigned many non teaching tasks to teachers, which leads to the insufficient investment of teachers in education and teaching. < / P > < p > teachers undertake a lot of non teaching tasks, and some of the teaching tasks that should be undertaken by teachers are transferred to parents, which leads to confusion and dislocation in the responsibilities of parents and teachers. < / P > < p > to solve this problem, we should clarify the responsibilities of parents and teachers, let teachers do what teachers should do, and parents should do what parents should do. “This involves a series of fundamental problems, such as educational management system, school running system and education evaluation system.” Xiong Bingqi said. In Chu’s opinion, the most fundamental reason lies in the “score only” education evaluation. In the existing evaluation system, parents and teachers have the same goal: children get good grades. As a result, some things that are not burdens have become burdens. For example, some volunteer services or social practices, Safety Knowledge Q & A, which are originally good for children’s growth, have lost their “value” because they are not helpful to improve their academic performance. The Knowledge Q & A that should be filled in by students is supposed to be filled in by parents, and the volunteer service that should be participated by students has become a kind of “value” Parents take photos, punch in Some people say that only one parent group is needed to crush adults. However, don’t forget that the conflict between the two groups of adults will ultimately hurt the children. How can the pressure and anxiety of adults crush the children? HEALTHY LIFE