Medical students die of overdose. Is it medicine or poison

Recently, Han Mou, a senior five student of Department of Anesthesiology, Sichuan North Sichuan Medical College, took the anesthetic out of his work and took food with his girlfriend in the rental room. She died of excessive intake by the female. It is reported that Han Mou before when, also sent wechat circle of friends, not a first offence.

the anaesthetic used by two people is heptafluorone, a common clinical drug in anesthesiology. It is used for general use and is usually used for tracheal intubation. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to work with special equipment. The effect outside the laboratory is longer, but sevoflurane has no exciting effect. Therefore, professionals speculate that morphine like drugs are added to the two people when they are taking food.

on May 1, last year, the Ministry of public security of China, the state health and Health Commission and the State Drug Administration jointly issued a public announcement announcing the inclusion of fentanyl substances.

fentanyl is a kind of thing with a history of more than 50 years. It was developed by Belgian doctor Paul Janson in 1960 and approved in the United States in 1968 for medical purposes. When it was used in combination with other drugs, it was usually used as an analgesic or anesthetic, and was taken in oral and patch manner, with an analgesic effect of about 80 times that of morphine.

but fentanyl becomes a drug if used for non-medical purposes. It will lead to “euphoria” of drug use. Euphoria refers to a special feeling and experience of the body after drug use. However, different people have different descriptions, which are different and difficult to unify. Overall, this is the pleasure of the central nervous system after excitation, which causes the release of dopamine transmitters to increase.

the cost of pursuing this pleasure is very high. Excessive fentanyl ingestion can easily lead to respiratory inhibition and severe heart rate decrease. There are many cases of excessive death of fentanyl in foreign countries.

abuse has come to the category of drugs, but this transformation is not single arrow. Some drugs are used to treat diseases, and can also be a good medicine for the world. For example, early anesthetics contain poppy components. The initial discovery of cocaine was also accidentally discovered by an ophthalmologist with a drug on his tongue, which has been used occasionally until now. The more typical case of this drug was last year. The main component of an antidepressant drug approved by the FDA is closely related to the drug. , is known to the public.

a real case is that a woman has a low mood, a declining interest and a strong suicidal idea, and is diagnosed as depression. She was so desperate about the disease that she refused hospitalization, MECT and other drugs. After consultation with patients and family members, doctors used intravenous drip therapy, and the infusion process was 40 minutes. After about 10 minutes, the patients’ mood improved; 20 minutes, the patient felt good, and did not want to commit suicide.

that’s where the advantage lies. It works much faster than traditional antidepressants, and can work quickly in hours. Therefore, it is equivalent to timely rain for patients who need to alleviate symptoms and have no other way to go.

in the 1950s, a narcotic drug called PCP was synthesized in a chemical laboratory in Detroit. Scientists have proved that PCP is a very effective analgesic by experiments in animals. It is a derivative of PCP, which is used as general anesthesia medicine in medical vein in large dose, and has the effect of sleeping and analgesia in clinic.

the middle dose has a strong effect on fantasy, which is the main reason for the abuse of drugs. In the 1970s, in order to facilitate transportation, drug dealers in the United States will make pure white fine crystal powder, and then spread to all countries around the world. In the 1980s and 1990s, powder flowed into Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong, China. Then, it went north and entered the mainland. It was popular in KTV, Diba, music and dance hall, karaoke hall and other entertainment places, and gained a nickname.

Finally, the state decided that the API should be specially managed according to the second type of psychotropic drugs. In 2003, the Ministry of public security interpreted this provision as “under the category of drugs”.

scientific research has been further developed and has the opportunity to turn over. Scientists found that a lower dose could quickly fight depression, so it was again a new drug that was being watched by the media. Of course, the use of such drugs needs to be carried out under the supervision of medical staff and cannot be taken away from the hospital or clinic.

However, from the sociological point of view, drug control is based on the consideration of group interests. Drug users may cause harm to themselves and others, or even commit crimes. There is evidence that “many bloodshed is committed under the pathological influence of.”

it is important to emphasize that even if it is used as a drug, the side effects can not be ignored. Anesthesiologists must use drugs in the most appropriate proportion to produce anesthesia, and carefully monitor the vital signs of patients and adjust the combination of drugs as needed. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!