Medina comes back 42 days after delivery to teach you her secrets to lose weight and create the most effective postpartum weight loss

Weight loss in our life is a thing we think about all the time. We always think about how to be thinner and thinner. There are also various ways to lose weight. The right way to lose weight is the most important. Especially after childbirth, the mother whose figure is out of shape is really worrying, always afraid that she can’t recover her good figure. In fact, as long as reasonable diet and exercise, good body will come back. Just like the star Madonna, her postpartum weight loss process is also very tortuous, persevere in the success, hurry to see her weight loss secrets! < / P > < p > action guidance: lie on your back on the mat, put your hands on both sides of your body naturally, relax your shoulders, inhale, bend your knees upward, open the palms of your feet on both sides of your breathing knees, inhale to lift your hips slightly, and exhale to slightly retract your abdomen and tail bone. Efficacy: promote abdominal blood circulation, massage abdominal organs and organs, compact abdominal muscles, relieve waist pain caused by pregnancy, pelvic repair, combined with breathing exercises can also repair ovarian function. < / P > < p > kneel on the mat, open and extend the left leg to the right, toes out, in a straight line between the right knee and the left leg. Inhale, arms open parallel to shoulder; exhale, lower body slowly to left, center of gravity down; left hand on lower leg, right arm extended to upper right. < / P > < p > inhale, rotate the upper body slightly successively; exhale, the right arm falls to the top of the head, lean the big arm against the ear, and look at the finger tip of the right hand. Breathe slowly and evenly for 5 to 8 times. < / P > < p > take root in the left foot, inhale, bend the right knee, hook the right thumb with the middle finger of the right index finger; exhale, straighten the right leg and lift it up; inhale, separate the legs as far as possible, exhale, keep the upper body upright and stable, and keep the pelvis straight forward. Keep breathing 3-6 times. < / P > < p > kneel on the mat, inhale, bend and overlap the hands in the chest; exhale, slightly retract the abdomen and buttocks, lean back to the heel; inhale to restore standing; repeat this action for 5-8 breaths < / P > < p > lie on the cushion, inhale, bend both knees, exhale, roll up the tail bone; inhale, close the shoulder blades, clasp ten fingers, stretch the arms and press the ground; exhale, slightly retract the buttocks and lift the highest point. Keep 5-8 breaths. When the next exhalation, start to land slowly from the upper back, and the buttocks fall backward. In general, 6 months after delivery is the golden time for body recovery. New mothers can grasp the opportunity and work twice as hard with rich nutrition meals. However, because of relaxin, the joint tissue of the body is relatively loose, so the amount of exercise needs to be increased slowly, and it must not be done too quickly to avoid unnecessary injury. If they can’t start to exercise yet, and they are afraid of getting fat, especially after 1-3 months of cesarean section, they don’t have any special pain. They can take a walk after meals, which can not only stretch the body and mind, but also burn fat to restore body energy. < / P > < p > because a lot of nutrition is absorbed by the baby during pregnancy, the body will be weak after delivery and lack of essence. Yoga fitness has a great help to the recovery of the body. Postpartum recovery, not only to restore the body, but also to the body of various organs, psychological recovery. On the diet, it is better to eat less and more meals, avoid overeating will make you fat, light food is appropriate, and avoid too stimulating food, so that the body and baby do not have adverse reactions after breast milk, eat some easy to digest food, to avoid gastrointestinal burden is too heavy, affect appetite, resulting in insufficient breast-feeding. < p > < p > What’s more, the internal organs of the new mother’s body have different degrees of changes. Be sure to follow the step-by-step weight-loss plan after delivery, and gradually increase the pace of weight loss. < / P > < p > yoga can be practiced at the upper part of postpartum. Yoga can be started after 1 month of natural birth yoga. For a mother who has a plane belly, it will take 6 months for the doctor to verify that the wound is healed properly before practicing yoga. 08/16/2020