Medlar and it “a natural pair”, every day to drink water, Qi and blood sufficient, insomnia is also good

40 year old women’s physical condition began to go downhill, skin cells and tissues also began to slowly show an aging trend, if you simply use some skin care products is actually not very good effect. The key point of keeping young women’s state is internal regulation. The reason why women in this age group are aging is closely related to the decline of sleep status. < / P > < p > Ms. Wen, 41 years old, is facing multiple difficulties, such as her son’s going to school, the old man’s illness, work accidents, and so on, while her husband often socializes, drinks or travels abroad, so she can’t count on it at all. Recently, Ms. Wen heard the news of her husband’s cheating from her best friend. All of a sudden, Ms. Wen’s originally bad sleep condition became worse. As long as she lay in bed, she was full of all kinds of voices. Sleeplessness has become Ms. Wen’s normal sleep condition. < / P > < p > in this unfavorable sleep condition, Ms. Wen’s face has become older. Although she is only in her early 40s, she looks more than 10 years older than her actual age. Although we usually use a lot of famous skin care products, fine lines and spots are still climbing on the skin, and the skin condition is getting worse and worse. < / P > < p > sleep not only has a great impact on women’s health, but also has far-reaching significance for skin care. Under the condition of high-quality sleep, skin cells can get deep recovery and rest, some fatigue factors and negative hormones can be removed and released, the formation of collagen and elastic fiber can run normally, and the new and old skin renewal will become more smooth. < / P > < p > if some errors are not corrected in time, the quality of sleep will be reduced, especially when there are negative emotions before going to bed, which may reduce the quality of sleep. People’s sleep quality is closely related to mood, and the interference of mental factors may affect autonomic nerve function. < / P > < p > although moderate exercise is conducive to health and sleep improvement, if a large amount of exercise is carried out before sleep, it will lead to the increase of excitability and activity of the cerebral cortex, which makes it difficult to enter the normal sleep state, resulting in difficulty in falling asleep. < / P > < p > whether the sleeping environment is quiet or not directly affects sleep. In noisy environment, unless people are very sleepy, they can’t fall asleep. In particular, some people have very sensitive ears and are more sensitive to sound. So in the choice of home appliances, should try to choose quiet, bass. < / P > < p > adding Zhining polysaccharide compound into Lycium barbarum water can stabilize the mind, replenish qi and tranquilize the mind, help to repair the disorder of the internal environment, inhibit the transmission of excitatory neurotransmitters, and promote the secretion of melatonin. At the same time, these polysaccharides also help to repair the damaged tissue cells, stabilize the nerve signal transduction pathway, inhibit the excitability of sympathetic nerve, stabilize the normal secretion function of melatonin, which has many benefits for the improvement of sleep status, so as to better regulate insomnia at the root and steadily improve sleep quality. < / P > < p > in addition, we should learn to refuse the intake of some bad food materials in our daily diet, such as high fat or spicy food, which will damage the function of viscera and easily induce insomnia. CUISINE&HEALTH