Medlar soak in water, many benefits! Reminder: if you commit the three taboos, it is not only useless but also harmful

As the saying goes: when people are middle-aged, they have to soak wolfberry in a thermos cup, so many middle-aged and old people think that wolfberry is a good thing to consume, and often put a few wolfberry in a water cup. < / P > < p > deficiency of kidney Yin leads to deficiency of liver yin, which is more likely to lead to deficiency of liver and kidney yin, and often leads to dry eyes, astringency, fatigue, numbness and other symptoms. In this case, you can often drink with a little black wolfberry, which is more conducive to tonifying the kidney and liver, and also helps to alleviate the problem of kidney deficiency. < / P > < p > often feel dry eyes, astringent eyes, eye fatigue and other problems, most of them are closely related to the liver, often drink a little wolfberry water, also help to nourish the liver and detoxification, maintain the stability of the body’s internal environment, wolfberry and chrysanthemum with water, more help to improve vision. < p > < p > related studies suggest that the anthocyanins contained in Lycium barbarum can go deep into cells, protect cell membrane from free radical oxidation, and also cross the blood-brain barrier to protect brain nerves from oxidation. < / P > < p > therefore, drinking Lycium barbarum soaking water often is more helpful to protect the brain from the damage of chemical substances and toxic substances, improve the blood circulation in the body, and play the role of nourishing blood and calming the nerves. < p > < p > Lycium barbarum can comprehensively enhance the human body’s immunity, protect cells, prevent cell mutation, help the human body’s internal organs, and accelerate the blood circulation in the body. It is very suitable for people with weak constitution and poor resistance. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum has been the top product of nourishing people since ancient times, which has the function of delaying aging. The content of vitamins in Lycium barbarum is very high, which helps to supplement the necessary nutrients for the body, and also helps to prevent iron deficiency anemia, making your skin better and younger. < / P > < p > for men, having strong kidneys is more conducive to physical health, and helps to show the charm of men. Strong kidney function is also the representative of men’s face. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum itself has the function of tonifying kidney and essence. If Lycium barbarum and Astragalus membranaceus are mixed together to drink in water, it has a dual tonic effect, improves kidney function, replenishes kidney qi and does not have kidney deficiency. < / P > < p > if you can learn the right collocation, it will also help to stabilize the level of blood pressure and protect the health of blood vessels. Therefore, male friends often drink Astragalus membranaceus and Lycium barbarum with water, which is more conducive to kidney health. The kidney may be grateful. < / P > < p > liver is very important for health, but bad living habits and eating habits may lead to abnormal liver function, which will affect the detoxification and detoxification of the body, and the liver is also known as “dumb organ”. < / P > < p > so I hope you pay attention to the maintenance of the liver in your daily life. You can choose to drink with medlar and chrysanthemum, which is more helpful to clean up the toxins and garbage in the liver, reduce the metabolic burden of the liver, and let your liver cells be repaired. < / P > < p > people with strong liver fire should drink water with Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum to help you reduce liver fire and discharge liver toxicity. The liver may be very grateful. < / P > < p > jujube is a very good food for nourishing qi and blood in life. If it is combined with wolfberry, the health preserving effect of the two will be doubled, and it is called the best partner. < / P > < p > at this time, it is more helpful to supplement qi and blood in the body, maintain the stability of the internal environment of the body, and highlight the charm of women to drink with medlar and jujube together. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum is actually a kind of food with strong warming effect. The body temperature of people with fever is relatively high. If you eat warm food, it will damage your health and aggravate the symptoms of cold and fever. Therefore, it is better to touch less Lycium barbarum food during the cold period. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum warm body effect is very strong, if you eat with warm tonic food, it will cause physical discomfort, there will be heat and other symptoms, common warm tonic food, including longan, pilose antler, red ginseng, cooked land and so on. Want to maintain the health of the body, we must learn the correct collocation, can help the effect of wolfberry play incisively and vividly. < / P > < p > green tea and Lycium barbarum brewed with boiling water respectively are good for health, but brewed together will cause damage to health. A large amount of tannic acid contained in green tea has the effect of convergence adsorption, which can absorb the trace elements in Lycium barbarum, forming a kind of substance that can not be absorbed by the human body, which will increase the metabolic burden of the body and cause certain harm to health The impact of the. < / P > < p > although Lycium barbarum has a very high health value for human body, we must learn to match it correctly to double the effect, otherwise it will cause damage to health. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore