Meet in science and art, spend a wonderful time with T.Rex Wilson

When the National Day mid autumn holiday comes, “Hey, childhood! The exhibition of pnso dinosaur art season opened in Beijing 798 Art District. Science artist Zhao Chuang and science fairy tale writer Yang Yang narrated the dinosaur world and the earth story hundreds of millions of years ago with the theme of “the secrets of T.Rex Wilson”. They met childhood in science and art. In March last year, the American Museum of natural history in Central Park, New York, USA, held an exhibition entitled “Tyrannosaurus: the ultimate Predator” to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its establishment. It introduced the latest research achievements of T.Rex and T.Rex family by scientists around the world in recent years, especially teenagers. The latest image restoration drawings and sculptures of the lifelike Tyrannosaurus Rex and more than ten species of Tyrannosaurus Rex family members have attracted a lot of attention and become a highlight of the exhibition. As the exclusive co artist who created these visual works, Zhao Chuang has once again attracted the attention of the global media. < / P > < p > now, we can be in the “Hey, childhood! Pnso dinosaur season “saw these synchronized exhibitions from the American Museum of natural history. Based on the most direct fossil evidence, scientists’ research conjecture, and reasonable artistic imagination, Zhao Chuang restored the biological images of T. rex, including bones, muscles, skin, and even scales of 1 cm in diameter, and presented its living state completely: the senses, movement, predation, growth, family evolution of T. Rex In addition to many paintings, Zhao Chuang has also systematically created the sculptures and animated films of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Zhao Chuang said, “science and art” is my working method. I hope to express the latest scientific research results in the form of art, and guide my artistic creation with scientific principles and methods. Therefore, all knowledge points in scientific papers should be included as far as possible, and they should be refined The style of painting shows the details of paleontology, turning the paper into a work that everyone can understand and understand For example, the soft skin texture of dinosaur eyes and joints, if it is a kind with scales, we need to summarize the scale arrangement rules from some reptiles with fine scales; if the species closely related to birds, we can get information from birds with naked skin; and some dinosaurs have horny beaks and large scales, which can be observed This information and methods can help Zhao Chuang to depict the living line of animals in nature and restore statues < / P > < p > Zhao Chuang is good at reproducing ancient creatures, and those ancient things and profound knowledge, Through Yang Yang’s words, more people can understand it. In the exhibition, she explains the knowledge from the perspective of the little girl who is a child line year old; giraffes, cheetahs, EMUs, cars, basketball, and human beings will appear in the exhibition hall from time to time to compare with the things children are most familiar with; many other dinosaurs will appear in the theme of Tyrannosaurus, which are located at different time points of life evolution, which breaks the horizontal space-time And longitudinal contrast and literary narration, “let children find and feel the spirit of scientific exploration, reasoning imagination and the expression of literature and art hidden behind knowledge.” As a writer who pays attention to children’s growth and family education all the year round, Yang Yang takes the concept of “looking for childhood” together with parents and children, and creates a fairytale world with stories close to children and game interaction. “Dinosaurs are a very special kind of life. Many children will like them in their childhood. So do Zhao Chuang, I and my own children. I’ve always wondered why, maybe because they’re so powerful, they’re what kids dream of being. ” < p > < p > therefore, Yang Yang gave each dinosaur a name. They had their own family, and had humanized emotions. They had to face and solve problems. For example, T.Rex Wilson, who shouldered the mission of an ethnic group, experienced a lot of setbacks before he became king, but he has been working hard and making progress. The feather color of Chinese dragon and bird is the first feathered fear discovered by people Dragon, and very small, this “gregarious” guy has experienced ridicule, inferiority, no friends in life, but she has a mother who has been encouraging her to be unique < / P > < p > “Hey, childhood! The works exhibited in “pnso dinosaur art season” are a miniature of the work achievements of Zhao Chuang and Yang Yang, two post-80s creators, in the past 10 years. In 2009, they founded the pnso woodpecker science and art group in Beijing, and then launched the “pnso earth story science and art creation project”. Zhao Chuang and Yang Yang hope to tell the public about the internal relationship among species, natural environment, community and culture in the process of life evolution through art, so as to express the past and present of the earth from the perspective of human civilization And the future. They set a period of 60 years for this, hoping to devote their whole life to this work. Through years of dedicated efforts, they have not only gained wide recognition in the academic field, but also published and reprinted their works in the world’s top core scientific journals along with research papers in the process of cooperation with global scientists. These works were further transformed into books, exhibitions, audio and video programs for publication. Up to now, Zhao Chuang and Yang Yang’s series of books have been authorized to publish in English, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Nepalese and other editions to help young people in different regions understand and feel the charm of science and art. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!