Meirenji: Mao Geping’s “bone displacement” and Chunnan’s no nose shadow sound very magical, right?

More and more bloggers are looking for makeup artists to have a “head changing” experience, which also makes us steal a lot of makeup artists’ housekeeping skills. There is a lot of knowledge to learn every time.

I can’t see it. It’s OK. We can’t do it. The brain comes first. Today, let’s sum up the unique secrets of these head changing masters. Don’t let that nagging go and take notes.

foundation is adjusted according to the state and color of the skin itself, because no color on the skin is the same. For example, some people T area oil, the pores are relatively large; the outer contour part will do some, so these two parts of the foundation texture should be different. For example, some people have red sensitive in the face, and there are dark circles under the eyes. They are green. So the color of the two parts should be different.

no one’s bone structure is extremely standard, so it is necessary to adjust the bone phase by means of makeup. Highlight and shadow these two steps, can help you form a better bone phase. When there is a good bone appearance, the facial features are the final portrayal.

Mr. Mao Geping believes that women are made of water, and women should be gentle and make up beautiful.

skin texture, through the natural transition of light and shadow, to achieve the effect of a porcelain muscle. Eye makeup, eye shadow can be lengthened according to the outline, so that the ratio closer to three courts and five eyes. By adjusting the eye type with eyeliner, the eyelids become more standard, so that the eyes become tender.

massage with some gel like and easily absorbed skin care products. Massage along the lymph, can better absorb skin care products, can make the follow-up makeup more comfortable, can also help to detoxify and edema.

many people in make-up, in order to obtain a more strong sense of structure, will choose to use bright rods or even more thick light color Concealer for contour reconstruction.

but if you want to create a very clean and natural “luster” muscle with a glossy feel, it is better to use light colored foundation to brighten up. On the one hand, the sense of makeup is light and natural; on the other hand, because of the similar texture, the foundation of the brightening part will be easier to blend with the original makeup. In this way, it will form a natural sense of light and shadow.

compared with Asians, the contour of eyebrows and eyes will be weaker, and some people will also have “swollen blebs”. In this case, do not use dark eye shadow to suppress the swelling part, but to create eyelashes more carefully.

because the curled eyelashes will cover the commanding height of your eyelashes from the front, so as to achieve the purpose of detumescence. At the same time, it will make your eyes appear more profound.

you’re right. After finishing the eye makeup, use a clean halo to brush the position of the nasal shadow to “paint”. You can take away some of the foundation so as to form a natural sense of shadow and look more colorful.

first, to reflect the feeling of maiden, we must avoid thick foundation, to show the most natural light perception state of the skin; secondly, let the skin texture appear to be full and moist.

a lot of people will have the president of the Chinese people’s court, which makes the problem of long face appear. At this time, the length of atrium can be shortened by nose shadow. When we draw nose shadow / highlight, most people scan from the middle of the eyebrows to the nose. The advanced point will hit the highlight at the root of the hill and the nose, which can not actually be modified to the length of the nose.

if you want the nose to be shorter, you can actually depict this part down, highlight it below the root of the mountain, and visually integrate the upper part of the nose into the upper court. In this way, it seems to shorten the atrium.

when we make up, we all want the facial state to be tight and upward. To achieve this goal, the large area of blush is a key point. In general, the standard position of blush is on the zygomatic bone. But if your face has some sagging, or the atrium is long, drawing directly according to the original zygomatic position will have a “broken face” effect.

therefore, Professor Li Dongtian suggested that the whole color of blush can not be lower than the bottom line of the nose, so that the facial state depicted will be very full and compact.

after watching the unique skills of three makeup masters, do you feel that your hands are learning a little slowly? I don’t worry about it. However, it should be noted that the makeup masters have mentioned that most of the stars’ skin is good, and some stars are even afraid of making up, they only apply sunscreen on the program Enough to see, to get the same makeup, first to do a good foundation maintenance. Sisters, save up, medical beauty and expensive skin care products, cosmetics, arrangement!
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