Men also have the “last bus” of childbirth, which is generally at this age. If they exceed this age, they will not have a second child

Since the opening of the two child policy, families of all walks of life have joined the tide of having a second child. There are many elderly men and women, perhaps for the sake of the family’s liveliness, or for other reasons. For some families, having a second child is “imperative”.

with the progress of society, people’s thinking has also changed. When it comes to childbirth, it’s not just about being able to give birth. Now what we pay attention to is scientific preparation of pregnancy and eugenics and good breeding. This is also related to the age of women and men.

However, when we talk about eugenics, we mainly think about the age of women. Generally speaking, the best childbearing age for women is 25-30 years old, because after 30 years old, women’s physical quality may not be as good as before, especially after 35 years old, which means that the risk index of having children at this age will also increase.

but in fact, men also have the best childbearing age and the “last bus”. The best childbearing age for men is 30-35 years old. At this stage, the number and quality of J sons are more, and the quality is superior. Similarly, when men reach a certain age, the quantity and quality of J children will also decline. Generally speaking, when men are over 40, that is, the “last bus” age, and then on It may be the husband of an elderly woman.

of course, there are also many people who are “Laolaizi”. It is not to say that men can’t have children beyond this age. It’s just that there is a time limit to pay attention to eugenics.

generally speaking, the quality and activity of J are related to age. After the age of 40, the physical fitness of men will also become worse, and the various functions of the body are not as good as those when they are young. The quality and quantity of J will be reduced, and it is easy to have difficulties in embryonic development.

pregnant women are more likely to suffer from gestational diabetes. Research data show that after men are over 40 years old, pregnant women are more likely to suffer from gestational diabetes. The older they are, the more likely they are to suffer from gestational diabetes, which also affects the health of pregnant women and indirectly affects the normal development of the fetus.

affecting the child’s body, the quality of the son J will be worse for men over 40 years old, which will also affect the development of embryos. After the child is born, the physical quality may be very poor, and the risk of disease will also increase.

the pressure will increase. In fact, no matter what age you have a second child, the family’s economic and spiritual pressure will become greater. After all, the cost of raising a child is very high now. For an ordinary family, having a second child is simply “high pressure”.

the difference in age between children and “Laolaizi” is indeed worth the whole family’s happiness. However, in the long run, when the children grow up and you are old, you will spend little time with your children. This is also a pity, and there will be a big generation gap.

after giving birth to three sons, Huang Lei also expressed regret that he should have given birth earlier. Wu Zhenyu also expressed his fear that he would be too old to take care of the young Feynman when he was too old.

physical examination should not be less than men. If they want to have a second child after they are over 40 years old, it is recommended to have a comprehensive examination first. According to the doctor’s advice, we can see whether to have a second child. If there are any health problems in the body, we can also treat them in time, so as to avoid miscarriage of pregnant women due to difficult development of embryos.

maternal prenatal examination should be in place. Of course, if the pregnant mother is pregnant with a second child, the examination can not be ignored at this time. Even relatively speaking, the examination may be more frequent. After all, if both husband and wife are old, they also need to be observed all the time. If there is any problem, it should be treated in time.

pay attention to diet and health. Most men’s living habits are not so good. They like to smoke, drink and stay up late. If you want to keep healthy, it’s better to get rid of these bad habits, actively keep fit and keep in good condition.