Men often wash these three places when taking a bath to make you full of “masculinity”

Introduction: in the hot summer, if you don’t take a bath every day, you can’t sleep at all. Especially when the temperature is high, you have to wash several times a day. But bathing is a knowledge, which contains hidden secrets. It’s not only simple to remove the smell of sweat, but also good for your kidney. According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is a certain relationship between kidney function and ears, because there are many sensitive areas of kidney around ears. If you wash around ears more when you take a bath, you can not only promote blood circulation, but also help kidney detoxification and detoxification, regulate renal function, which is of great help to our kidney health. < / P > < p > our waist and kidney are inseparable. If our kidney has pathological changes, it must be the waist discomfort, such as backache and other symptoms. Therefore, our male friends can massage our waist with hot water while taking a bath. This can not only relieve the tiredness of the day, but also promote the blood circulation of the kidney and strengthen the renal function It is conducive to detoxification and detoxification, and ensures kidney health. < / P > < p > because our feet are at the bottom of the human body, most people will ignore it. In fact, when we take a bath, our ankles are the place where we are most likely to hide our filth. Especially in summer, many people will not go to soak their feet after taking a bath, so it is easy to get dirty. There are many acupoints on our feet, among which there are many acupoints that are good for the kidney, so we often do Bubble feet, not only to relieve fatigue, more importantly, is also good for our body. However, if a person’s earlobe is too small, thin and lustrous, it is likely that the patient’s kidney qi is insufficient. < / P > < p > backache, weakness, and no experience of doing anything. It is likely that your lack of “Yang Qi” causes kidney deficiency. Many people have this kind of problem more or less, usually manifested as weakness of limbs, lack of experience, backache and so on. These are caused by kidney problems. At this time, it is necessary to regulate and tonify the kidney. < / P > < p > when a man’s kidney has a problem, then Yang Qi will be insufficient, the body’s heat will be reduced, Qi and blood will be insufficient, and fear of cold will appear. At this time, it is very likely that there is a kidney problem, so don’t ignore it. < p > < p > traditional Chinese medicine believes that hair is the essence of China, this sentence is not groundless. If a person’s hair is dark and thick, the man’s kidney must be healthy, but if there is a kidney problem, the hair will first have problems, hair loss, white hair and other symptoms, are manifestations of kidney deficiency. < / P > < p > water is the source of life. Drinking more water can effectively help us carry out metabolism, help our body excrete toxins, and can also promote blood circulation and reduce the risk of kidney disease. < / P > < p > if you eat too much salt, the sodium ions in the salt will cause osmotic pressure and affect the liver function. After a long time, it is likely to cause kidney disease. < / P > < p > if urine is stored in the bladder for a long time, it will produce a lot of toxins. These toxins will eventually flow into the kidney and become infected. If this goes on, it is easy to get sick. Staying up late will not only affect the mental state of the next day, but also damage the liver and kidney. At night is the golden period for self-healing of various organs in our body, so it is not advisable to stay up late in any way. According to traditional Chinese medicine, “ginseng mulberry five treasures tea” made from black sesame, black beans, ginseng, mulberry and other herbs is of great benefit to the kidney. < / P > < p > you can go to the drugstore to buy some of the above-mentioned herbs and go home to make tea. If you insist on drinking, your kidneys will gradually improve. Some work very busy friends, no time to buy, can see the following tea bag, very suitable for working people, convenient and fast, the effect is not bad at all. < / P > < p > summary: when our kidney problems, the body will send a lot of signals, as long as we are good at observation, we can effectively prevent kidney lesions. The above-mentioned precautions should be paid attention to in our daily life, and pay attention to protect our kidneys, so as to better work and healthy life. Focus