Men surrender at the critical moment? Do these four tips to help you extend your “combat effectiveness”

“Yes, there is a problem, and the wife is wondering whether you are cheating, or you have no interest in her, and so on, because of your problems. < p > < p > < p > “premature ejaculation” is also known as early ejaculation. Generally speaking, it refers to the fact that men are too fast in the life of husband and wife. This is a very common male reproductive problem. The most obvious symptom is “surrender” at the critical moment. If the time is less than 2-3 minutes, it is called premature ejaculation. If such a situation only appears once or twice, it can not be regarded as “premature ejaculation”. < p > < p > < p > “premature ejaculation” is mostly due to men’s negation of themselves. They are under too much pressure, so they will have premature ejaculation. At this time, men should take some self-treatment, such as experiencing some new husband and wife life with his wife, changing his usual rhythm, consciously slowing down the speed, and changing a more suitable equipment for him. < p > < p > drug therapy is the need for physiological treatment. If there is no way to improve symptoms through self-regulation, and premature ejaculation still exists, it is necessary to use scientific and standardized drug treatment under the guidance of doctors when it affects the psychological life of patients. At present, there are two ways to carry out drug treatment. The drugs that you drink will have some side effects. For example, the damage to the liver and so on, the medication is more troublesome and embarrassing, and it is not convenient to ask others for help. However, it can be very effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation. Such drug treatment can relieve organ sensitivity and numb the senses. < p > < p > < p > “premature ejaculation” may be due to physiological reasons at the beginning, and gradually “premature ejaculation” has become a heart disease of men. At this time, premature ejaculation may be caused by psychological inferiority. Men are extremely not confident in their sexual function. In the life of husband and wife, they always feel that they can’t do it. The heart disease still needs the treatment and elimination of professional psychiatrists. Surgery is the least recommended method for the treatment of premature ejaculation. Generally, the treatment of premature ejaculation through surgery is due to prostatitis, or foreskin and other external causes. Surgery can accurately treat premature ejaculation, but the psychological harm to men is more serious, and the risk of surgery is also high. So surgery needs to be carefully chosen. As the saying goes, treat the symptoms and treat the root cause. Premature ejaculation is just the appearance. The internal reason is actually in your kidney. And some men are shy of talking, so they quietly look for the secret recipe. In fact, there is a simpler way, a cup of tea to solve your embarrassment. Ancient books record that yam, Panax quinquefolium, Poria cocos, deer glue, wolfberry and other traditional Chinese medicine have tonifying kidney deficiency, treating Yang failure, quick effect. Conclusion: premature ejaculation is a man’s biggest enemy. It’s like a famous brand, which indicates that you can’t do it. This sentence is an insult to men, so don’t feel ashamed of premature ejaculation, face it correctly, treat it from the root, find your self-confidence as soon as possible, and let your “combat effectiveness” explode. Focus