Men with short life span usually have thick “two places” on their bodies! I hope you don’t have one

The thicker the waistline, the shorter the life span. The thickness of the waist represents the amount of fat stored in the abdomen. If the waist circumference is more than 85 cm, it means that the abdominal fat exceeds the standard, the basic metabolic level of the body is decreased, and the muscle loss is more likely to be aging.

in our daily life, we will find that people with thick necks purr especially loud. This is because people with thick neck circumference are more likely to fall back on their back and sleep apnea syndrome is more likely to come to their homes.

in order to live a long life, one should not only control the waistline and neck circumference within the standard range, but also take good care of our kidneys. As the saying goes, “if you want to live a long life, protect your kidney.”.

people with good renal function are energetic, brisk, sleep well and clear headed. On the contrary, people with poor renal function have more nocturnal urination, dizziness, weak waist and legs, dark circles around the eyes, and easy to lose hair.

we have been told for a long time that shenqihua is developing. Whether the kidney is good or not depends on the hair. When you are young, your hair is gray and greasy, and the amount of hair is less. It is likely that there is a kidney problem.

as the saying goes, kidney essence is the source of life, the treasure of integrity, and the basis of health and longevity. People with poor kidney often feel tired and don’t want to talk, so they can’t concentrate.

in traditional Chinese medicine, red enters the heart, cyan enters the liver, yellow enters the spleen, white enters the lung, and black enters the kidney. The so-called black into the kidney, refers to the black food has the effect of Tonifying the kidney.

preparation: mulberry, black wolfberry, Eucommia male flower, raspberry, etc. are prepared into tea bags, and soaked in 300 ml boiling water for 5 minutes, one cup sooner or later, to strengthen the kidney and protect the kidney.

mulberry, known as “black ginseng”, is a good medicine for nourishing liver and kidney. Regular eating can nourish yin and kidney, relieve the weakness of waist and knee, dizziness and tinnitus, insomnia and constipation caused by kidney deficiency.

the male flower of Eucommia ulmoides is a famous tonic. It can not only improve circulation, reduce blood fat and blood sugar, but also calm and help sleep and maintain our kidneys.

it’s troublesome to collect materials by yourself. You can try the same type of tea bag prepared for you. Drink 2 cups a day, and you will be surprised after 1 month. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore