Mengniu shows the high quality development level of China’s dairy industry

On November 10, the third ICIF was successfully concluded in Shanghai. Mengniu’s three important partners in the global value chain, Yashili international of New Zealand, Bellamy of Australia and Arla of Denmark jointly built a super large exhibition stand of more than 500 square meters, which shows that the global dairy giant attaches great importance to the “Oriental contract”. < p > < p > in the third China International Fair, Mengniu actively constructed the double circulation of dairy industry with practical actions, and further deepened the concept of “global dairy community”. Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu, said, “the Expo shows the great power spirit of opening up and cooperation, and puts China’s demand into the global supply chain. Chinese enterprises can better integrate into the global market, thus producing global influence, promoting better integration and layout around the world, bringing global high-quality resources into China, and enabling citizens to enjoy a better and high-quality life. ” < p > < p > under the new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other, ICIF, as an important platform of the world sharing mechanism, highlights the profound connotation of trade development, interconnection and mutual sharing, and co construction with equality and resonance. < / P > < p > at the third China International Fair, China’s dairy industry showed its great spirit of openness and inclusiveness. Mengniu, together with Yashili of New Zealand, which is a strategic investment, Bellamy of Australia, which was just acquired last year, and Arla, a long-term deep partner of Denmark, jointly built one of the largest exhibition booths in the field of food, bringing dozens of high-end innovative dairy products, including organic milk powder, organic complementary food, cheese and butter, which condenses the world’s cutting-edge research and development and processing technology “Bring goods” on the stand. This is not only a concentrated display of Mengniu’s achievements in the construction of an international ecosystem, but also an epitome of China’s dairy industry embracing the world with an open mind and working hand in hand with partners from all over the world. < / P > < p > for China’s dairy industry, this year’s Fair is the best window to show the recovery of the industry after the outbreak. Lu Minfang said that this year is the best scale and quality of Mengniu since it participated in the Expo. Through the exhibition on the platform of China International Fair, it has promoted the development of Mengniu’s overseas business. ” < p > < p > through entering the Expo, Mengniu has further enhanced its influence in the world in the process of globalization, introducing world quality products to Chinese consumers, and bringing world quality products to the world, serving 2 billion consumers around the world, and vigorously promoting the construction of a double circulation pattern of the dairy industry. At present, China’s dairy industry has entered a new stage of development. Driven by strong domestic demand, the quality and brand of China’s dairy industry have been upgraded rapidly, and a number of Chinese dairy enterprises have achieved leapfrog development. In terms of dairy farming, Mengniu’s modern animal husbandry and Shengmu Hi Tech Co., Ltd., which are strategically invested by Mengniu, have been listed in the top 10 global dairy farming enterprises; in terms of dairy enterprises, Mengniu has steadily entered the top 8 global dairy enterprises. China’s dairy industry has achieved high quality and stable development. < p > < p > in the past two fairs, Mengniu has demonstrated the world’s advanced processing and research and development technology. Through the insightful signing and cooperation, Mengniu has promoted the global deep flow of high-quality elements in the dairy industry chain, allowing more high-quality resources to enter China, forming a beneficial mutual promotion with the high-quality development of China’s dairy industry. At this fair, Mengniu, already in the world’s first camp, has further integrated into the global dairy value chain through diversified in-depth dialogue and cooperation and exchange. “The effect is very good, let us taste the sweetness,” Lu Minfang said. “Mengniu promotes the reconstruction of global dairy value chain, forming a global ecosystem of resources, technology and talents.”. In this process, China’s dairy industry has the advantages of both supply chain and market, which can play an important role in the global dairy supply chain reconstruction. < p > < p > during the Expo, Mengniu’s participating brands successfully signed a contract with the Import Expo Bureau, becoming the first batch of enterprises to obtain the “admission tickets” of the 4th ICIF. < p > < p > at the global dairy Cooperation Forum of this Expo, Mengniu officially released it, showing the unremitting efforts of China’s dairy industry in adhering to quality and safety and building world-class quality products, which has been highly affirmed by all walks of life and international food and dairy professionals. “This is a demonstration of the development achievements of China’s dairy industry and plays a positive role in further enhancing the confidence of China’s dairy industry,” the participants said. < / P > < p > behind the creation of world quality, Mengniu has continuously strengthened milk source management, continuously improved the quality management level of all links in the industrial chain, and actively integrated global resources to achieve global layout. Through such a platform as the China International Fair, China’s dairy industry has entered a high-quality collaborative development stage of “bringing in” and “going out”. In this regard, Chen Lang, vice president of COFCO group and chairman of Mengniu Dairy industry, further said, “COFCO group and Mengniu Dairy are willing to strengthen cooperation with partners from other countries, continuously improve and strengthen global governance in the field of food and dairy products, and jointly build a high-quality, diversified and sustainable industrial chain, so as to make greater contributions to the well-being of all mankind.” < p > < p > with the continuous holding of the Expo, Mengniu’s idea of building a “global dairy community” has been gradually deepened and solidly promoted. After three years of practice, Lu Minfang further improved the concept of “global dairy community”. He pointed out that “the global dairy community is a community of supply chain, production and manufacturing, downstream logistics and innovation, which can fully mobilize resources to achieve optimal allocation.” < p > < p > therefore, Mengniu further represents China’s dairy industry in the global dairy industry chain to find the right position, play a platform role of gathering global forces to promote the healthy and nutritional development of the dairy industry, integrate the fist power of the upstream and downstream links of the industrial chain, and finally present high-quality products to consumers. < / P > < p > “Mengniu is not only the first global enterprise in China to” go out “, but also introduces our best globalization achievements to Chinese consumers, so that Chinese consumers can enjoy better and richer dairy products,” Lu Minfang said. At this fair, consumers not only have a close experience of ruiruen, Dora lamb, baby & me, but also Bellamy organic products from Tasmania, cheese and liquid butter jointly developed and innovated by Denmark Arla and Mengniu. < p > < p > this is the best proof of Mengniu’s achievements in deepening the “global dairy community” in the past three years, and also shows the great driving role played by CIIF on the global economic industrial chain, supply chain, service chain and value chain. Standing on the stage of entering the Expo, China’s dairy industry with high quality development will bring new impetus to the global dairy industry. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here