Men’s feet frequently appear 2 anomalies, suggesting that renal function is worse, if you have to take good care of the kidney

Kidney is an important organ, not only to form urine, its main job is to help the body to metabolize waste and toxin, so its importance can be imagined. Especially for male friends, it is very important to have a pair of good kidneys. However, modern people’s kidneys seem to be more and more far away from health, because many people have developed the habit of staying up late at night, and they often sit for half a day in their work or life. Finally, good kidneys are destroyed by these habits. < / P > < p > the consequences of kidney injury are also very serious, which will not only bring a series of abnormal urination, but also affect the normal metabolism of endotoxin and damage the health of the whole body. Therefore, especially male friends in peacetime must be good protection of the kidney, in the kidney some problems, renal function is not good, must be timely kidney. Many people still don’t know how to judge the condition of the kidney. Don’t worry. You can look down at your feet. Sometimes you can find some abnormalities in the kidney. < / P > < p > the first is pain or weakness in the feet. After a long walk, many people’s feet will appear obvious pain, do not worry, this is a normal phenomenon. Because when walking, the weight of the whole body is pressed on the feet, so in overuse, lactic acid can not be discharged from the muscles, at this time there will be obvious pain in the feet. < / P > < p > but if it is not for the foot pain caused by the above conditions, it may be kidney problems, resulting in symptoms of kidney weakness. If the long-term repeated soreness of the feet, usually did not do what exercise, also did not walk a lot of road, that should pay attention to, may be kidney deficiency, it is best to go to the hospital for examination, in peacetime can also try to massage their feet. < / P > < p > on the basis of the pain in the feet, many people will walk with their feet unable to use their strength. As soon as they walk, their feet will become more painful. When walking, they will become sour and soft, even affecting their normal walking and wrestling. So in peacetime, we must pay attention to the protection of the kidney, to avoid kidney damage, in the presence of foot strength, it is best to be able to see a doctor in time, as well as conditioning their own kidney. < / P > < p > the second is that the toes become thinner and shorter, or the nails turn white. In traditional Chinese medicine, feet actually have kidney meridian. Generally, when kidney qi is insufficient, the growth of toes will be affected. The pinkie will become thin and short, and can not make strength at ordinary times. So if it is not the natural pinkie showing this appearance, it is necessary to be aware of their own kidney problems, kidney qi is not enough to cause. In addition to changes in the shape of the toes, if the nails on the toes turn white, it is also a sign of kidney damage. Normal people’s nails are generally smooth, and slightly red, but if the kidney’s blood is insufficient, especially male friends, it is easier to appear nail blood color disappear, abnormal white. At this time, it is necessary to maintain the kidney in time and be alert to the health of the kidney. To sum up, due to the long-term bad habits of male friends, it is inevitable that there will be kidney damage and the decline of renal function, which is also very harmful to health. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the health status of the kidney in peacetime. When the above two abnormalities appear in the feet, it is very likely that there are health problems with the kidney. We should strengthen the maintenance of the kidney, and sometimes we have to go to the hospital for examination. HEALTHY LIFE