Menstruation is a “barometer” of women’s health. If you meet four conditions, your uterus may be very healthy

For women, they have to face the trouble of menstruation every month. During the period of menstruation, will bring all kinds of discomfort to life, eating on the need to avoid, life also need to pay attention to some taboos, and the body will feel uncomfortable. Pain, psychological will have irritable mood, in short, mention of menstruation, every woman will not have good memories, said to be full of complaints. However, although menstruation brings some small troubles to women, its existence also has beneficial aspects. It can indicate the health of women’s uterus, which can be described as a “barometer” of women’s health, so don’t just worry about the arrival of menstruation. It’s better to settle down and observe it. If you can meet these four conditions, it’s worth being happy. Your uterus is healthy. Generally speaking, the menstrual cycle of healthy women is 28 to 35 days, and the menstrual period is three to seven days. If there is a difference of 7 days before and after the normal range, as long as the monthly stable arrival, there is no need to worry. < / P > < p > if the menstrual cycle is too long and dripping, it has a great relationship with the function of uterus and ovary, so we need to go to the hospital for examination in time. And menstrual cycle is too short, is the performance of qi deficiency and weakness, easy to lead to premature aging. < p > < p > the normal menstrual volume should be between 30 ml and 60 ml. if the menstrual volume is less than 20 ml, it means that the menstrual volume is too low; if the menstrual volume is greater than 80 ml, it means that the menstrual volume is too high. If we say this, maybe many women can’t judge because it’s not very intuitive. < / P > < p > in other words, it is normal to use less than 2 bags of sanitary napkins for each menstruation, and more than 3 packs. Moreover, the sanitary napkins have been completely soaked when changing each time, which indicates excessive menstruation. If every time to menstruation, a packet of sanitary napkins can not be used up, it means that the amount of menstruation is too little. However, if your menstrual volume does not change significantly every time, it is always the same, which means that it is normal. Don’t worry too much. It just shows that there is a sudden change, increase or decrease, which indicates that the uterus may have problems and needs to be recuperated. < / P > < p > the normal color of menstrual blood is dark red, the color of initial menstrual blood is relatively light, with the extension of menstrual period, the color of menstrual blood will gradually deepen, and it will turn to light red at the end of menstruation, until the menstrual period is clean. < / P > < p > if it is found that the color of menstrual blood is dark red with blood clots, it does not matter if this phenomenon occurs once or twice. If this has always been the case, be careful that uterine fibroids are worshipping. If the color of menstrual blood is black, it may be caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis, or due to gynecological diseases. < / P > < p > normal menstrual blood should not be thin or thick, without blood clots. If blood clots often appear, it means that the uterus is relatively cold, and the menstrual blood will coagulate into blood clots in the uterus, which will lead to dysmenorrhea. < / P > < p > if there is something similar to small pieces of meat in menstrual blood, it is very obvious uterine cold coagulation and blood stasis. These small pieces of meat are actually endometrium. If the large piece of endometrium falls off and is discharged, it will bring pain. < / P > < p > if female friends want to keep their uterus healthy, they should follow the characteristics of the uterus. The uterus likes warm and cold, so they should avoid eating raw and cold food in life, pay attention to keep warm, especially pay attention to the abdomen not to catch cold, avoid cold into the body, causing dysmenorrhea, and pay attention to personal hygiene during menstruation to prevent gynecological diseases. < / P > < p > finally, it is suggested that female friends should drink more red dates, longan and medlar tea at ordinary times. This kind of health tea is very suitable for female friends to replenish qi and blood and nourish the body. It is of great benefit to regulate menstruation and improve bad menstruation. Focus