Middle aged and elderly people do not necessarily eat health care products, adhere to these six habits, do not spend money is also very healthy

It’s better to keep exercising every day for at least half an hour, such as walking, rope skipping, running, etc. now even kindergarten, children get up at noon to go down to exercise for a while, so, sports need to be carried out for a long time. Exercise can strengthen the body and make the body better, which is conducive to the resistance to disease. < / P > < p > diet is particularly important. We should not only supplement nutrition, but also pay attention to the amount and types of food intake. We should not skip meals or eat too much at once, which will damage the body. Fat, cholesterol these appropriate intake, should pay attention to vitamin and protein supplement, reasonable and appropriate. Eat less junk food, spicy food, daily appropriate to eat some vegetables and fruits, supplement the body’s vitamin. Can’t eat spicy food and eat ice at the same time, easy to stimulate the stomach and intestines. < / P > < p > we all know that smoking is harmful to our health. It not only causes physical damage, but also causes people around us to smoke secondhand smoke, so we must quit smoking for the sake of future health. Drinking has both advantages and disadvantages. Proper drinking is good, but excessive drinking is not good at all. Especially if you drink too much at once, it will do great harm to the body, especially to the intestines and stomach. There are many cases of stomach bleeding after drinking. Therefore, to do a good job in health, it is necessary to stop smoking and control the amount of drinking. < p > < p > seven or eight hours of reasonable sleep time should be guaranteed every day. If the quality of sleep at night is high, the quality of work and study in the next day will be better, and abundant energy is the necessity of life. And enough sleep can also avoid physical problems, too much stay up late, insomnia will cause disease. Self discipline is a good habit of health preservation. < / P > < p > when you are in trouble and have great psychological pressure, don’t hold back by yourself. To speak out, you can ask for help from relatives or meaning. If you hold on for a long time, you will have problems, and you can’t delay the problem of psychological pressure. Nowadays, many middle-aged and elderly people pay attention to health care, but they are easy to go astray. Many elderly people believe in some health products and think that eating more health products can prevent diseases and keep healthy. In fact, health products also have side effects, and health products are not meant to be available to all people. In fact, adhering to the six health principles mentioned above can achieve good health effects without spending money. Next