Middle aged people want good health, three kinds of food can not do without, detoxification, beauty, enhance physical fitness!

Tremella fuciformis is a kind of well-known health food, which is welcomed by people in daily life. Especially for some female friends, eating some Tremella often can play a role in beautifying and beautifying the skin and delaying the aging process. Tremella contains a large number of amino acids and protein, for people with high blood sugar, often eat some Tremella can play a role in reducing blood pressure and fat, strengthening the body, tremella is also known as natural insulin. < / P > < p > although its taste is very sweet, it is also the first choice for weight loss fruits! Hami melon is not only low in calories, it contains cellulose and vitamin C are to alleviate constipation and speed up the burning of fat! Eating a small slice of cantaloupe before meals can also help you feel fuller and reduce your appetite. < p > < p > cherry tomatoes are one of the fruits. They certainly contain vitamin C in their bodies, so they have the effect of beautifying the skin. It can also scavenge free radicals and has strong antioxidant capacity. It can increase the dynamic and flexible ability of cartilage, blood vessel, ligament and bone. It can also detoxify and enhance resistance. Your name will always exist on the Internet