Ministry of Civil Affairs: set 12349 as the unified hotline number of child rescue and protection

According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs’s website, the Ministry of Civil Affairs recently issued a notice on the determination of pilot areas for nationwide unified child relief and protection hotline, which identified five provinces and 14 cities as the national unified pilot areas for child relief and protection. In addition, the circular also proposed to set up a unified hotline. According to the notice, according to the general office of the Ministry of civil affairs, through the declaration and comprehensive evaluation of various places, five provinces have been identified, including Jiangxi Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guizhou Province, Shaanxi Province and Qinghai Province, Baotou city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Dalian city of Liaoning Province, Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province, Hangzhou City, Taizhou City and Quzhou City of Zhejiang Province, Luoyang City of Henan Province, Wuhan City, Jingzhou City and Xiaoxiao city of Hubei Province 14 cities including Gan City, Ezhou City, Guangzhou city of Guangdong Province, Deyang City and Guangyuan City of Sichuan Province are the pilot areas of national unified child rescue and protection hotline. < / P > < p > the notice emphasizes that, in accordance with the principles of “provincial level overall responsibility, prefecture level acceptance, county level disposal” and “online and offline connection, online and offline same disposal”, and with prefecture level cities as the scope of hotline service, and in accordance with the principle of “unified platform, No.1 external, centralized acceptance, hierarchical intervention, limited time handling and unified reply”, the circular loop of service process and network of service system will be built It is a “one-stop” integrated platform for children’s rescue and protection hotline service in distress, which is characterized by high efficiency of resource link and intelligent system function, which can solve the problems of finding, reporting, intervening, linkage and supervision of children’s help demands. < / P > < p > local civil affairs departments with unified hotlines should coordinate with industrial and information departments to set up and open 12349 child rescue and protection hotline and public welfare service hotline. However, local civil affairs departments that are used for other civil affairs services should rely on 12349 to increase children’s assistance and protection business and set up children’s assistance and protection extension numbers; where other numbers of child assistance and protection hotlines have been opened After the opening of the hotline, the local civil affairs department should establish or specify a special organization and team to be responsible for the overall operation of the hotline. Where a minor rescue and Protection Agency has been established, it can rely on the minor relief and Protection Agency to be responsible for the acceptance and operation of the hotline; for those who have not set up a minor relief and Protection Agency, they can purchase services or entrust social organizations for child protection to take charge of the hotline acceptance and other specific matters. We will promote the establishment of a team of experts and volunteers in the fields of law, psychology and social work, and participate in the work of case acceptance, consultation and disposal. The circular points out that a linkage mechanism between the upper and lower levels of the civil affairs system should be established. The provincial civil affairs departments are responsible for the guidance, coordination, tracking and supervision of the hotline and the handling of cross city and county cases; the municipal civil affairs departments rely on the minors’ rescue and protection agencies to be responsible for the acceptance, disposal, referral, tracking, supervision and departmental coordination of the hotline, and handle the cases accepted by the hotline or transfer them to the local county-level civil affairs department according to the principle of territorial management, Handling Cross County cases; county civil affairs departments shall appoint special personnel or organize coordination to deal with the cases transferred by municipal civil affairs departments, and timely feed back the handling results. < / P > < p > – attach great importance to and promote orderly. The provincial civil affairs departments in the pilot areas should attach great importance to the pilot work of the child rescue and protection hotline as an important measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to strengthen children’s welfare work and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of various groups of children with special difficulties. In addition, the development concept of taking children as the center should be thoroughly implemented and the hotline platform should be effectively used to effectively strengthen the work of child rescue and protection Make. The civil affairs department undertaking the pilot task should report the relevant situation to the local Party committee and government in a timely manner, and strive to strengthen leadership and support; the main responsible comrades should personally ask and deploy them, and take them as the “first leader” project to do a good job and achieve good results; we should increase the support of funds, places, facilities and equipment, and personnel team to provide a hotline for children’s rescue and protection Smooth opening and operation create conditions. < / P > < p > – overall coordination and joint efforts. The work of children’s rescue and protection hotline involves many departments and fields, which needs to be coordinated and promoted by all parties. The civil affairs department undertaking the pilot task should strengthen communication and coordination with other relevant departments, give full play to the role of leadership and coordination mechanism for care and protection of rural left behind children and security of children in distress, actively strive for the support and cooperation of public security, education, justice, the Communist Youth League, women’s Federation and other units and organizations, open up the whole chain of children’s rescue and protection, upstream and downstream links, and form a closed-loop work. It is necessary to strengthen the internal communication and coordination of civil affairs departments, give full play to the role of village committees, social organizations, professional social workers and relevant volunteers, strengthen the connection with the system of subsistence allowances, temporary assistance, and the provision of special poverty-stricken people, set up a scientific and reasonable 12349 Hotline for acceptance, and coordinate the relationship between children’s assistance and protection business and other businesses. < / P > < p > – conscientiously implement and strive for actual results. We should take the pilot work as the annual key task, take effective measures, and steadily promote the pilot work in strict accordance with the requirements and schedule. We should adhere to the principle of “doing first and then speaking”. We should lay emphasis on laying the foundation, business training, and establishing mechanisms. We should resolutely prevent formality and becoming image projects. It is necessary to give full play to the positive role of the hotline in the rescue and protection of children, effectively perform the duties of the civil affairs department to provide basic supervision, and build the hotline into an effective carrier and an important brand for the civil affairs department to carry out the work of child welfare and child protection. < / P > < p > – vigorously promote and create an atmosphere. It is necessary to strengthen the publicity of children’s rescue and protection hotline, complete the technical debugging and team building as soon as possible, and publicize it to the public in a timely manner, and widely publicize and publicize it through radio, television, newspapers and new network media, so as to make the masses know, understand, care about, use and support the hotline, so as to create a good care for children’s rescue and protection work in the whole society Good atmosphere. We should timely release typical cases in the operation of the hotline to the society, urge parents to earnestly fulfill their guardianship responsibilities, and guide more social forces to participate in the work of child relief and protection. 08/16/2020