Ministry of Education: at present, there are no conditions for ordinary senior high schools to be included in compulsory education

Recently, the third session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) proposed to shorten the number of years of basic education and expand the scope of compulsory education. The Ministry of education replied: < / P > < p > clearly pointed out that the State implements the nine-year compulsory education system. The curriculum of compulsory education and ordinary senior high schools in China has been gradually established after long-term practice and repeated adjustment. It is in line with the current international practice, and basically adapts to the current and future social and economic development of the country. It is basically in line with the law of children’s physical and mental development and cognitive law. At present, it does not have the ability to shorten the school system and include ordinary senior high schools Conditions of compulsory education. First, from the perspective of China’s basic national conditions. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China points out that China is still in and will be in the primary stage of socialism for a long time. The popularization of compulsory education in China is relatively short, so it is a long way to go to consolidate and improve it. It is less than 10 years since the promulgation and implementation of the compulsory education law in 1986 and the realization of universal popularization in 2011. The task of consolidating the popularization level and improving the quality of compulsory education is still very arduous. Secondly, education itself is compulsory. China’s compulsory education itself is facing great pressure of structural adjustment. Some places have not implemented the main responsibility of the government to organize compulsory education, and the proportion of private compulsory education is high, which affects the public welfare of education. In some poor areas, the foundation of compulsory education is still very weak, so it is urgent to increase investment. The third is from the local practice. In some areas, the implementation of free education in non compulsory education stage has been difficult to sustain. In 2018, the general office of the State Council printed and issued it, clearly proposing to strictly implement the compulsory education law, adhere to the implementation of the nine-year compulsory education system, and prohibit arbitrarily expanding the implementation scope of free education policy. 08/16/2020