Ministry of Education: Joint punishment for illegal training institutions

The Ministry of education’s website released on November 10 disclosed the specific contents of the reply of the Ministry of education in business with the national development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of market supervision and administration on the proposal of “joint punishment on off campus training institutions for illegal training”. The first is to publish the “black and white list”. The black and white list system is generally implemented in all localities. For those who have passed the examination and approval and are included in the white list, the list and main information of the training institutions will be published on the government website or the official website of the education department, and updated in time according to the daily supervision, annual inspection and annual publicity. Those who violate the regulations and refuse to rectify will be included in the blacklist. Organizations that have not been approved to register and run in violation of laws and regulations shall be seriously investigated and punished and listed in the blacklist. At the same time, the administrative license information, administrative penalty information, blacklist information, and spot check results of profit-making off campus training institutions are collected into the national enterprise credit information publicity system and publicized to the public according to law. The second is to promote national supervision. The Ministry of education has built a management service platform for primary school and middle school students outside school training institutions in accordance with internet plus supervision. < / P > < p > on the one hand, to optimize management, training institutions can rely on the platform to submit annual inspection, annual reports and other materials, online training institutions can directly apply for filing on the platform, providing convenience for enterprises to handle affairs; < / P > < p > on the other hand, it can improve the supervision level, upload important information such as school running license and business license of training institutions on the platform, and provide inquiry and complaint services to the masses At the same time, the training institutions should be placed under the supervision of the whole people, and the training institutions should be guided to standardize their operation. < / P > < p > the third is to strictly investigate illegal training. We have seriously investigated and dealt with the training institutions such as “Yaohua culture and art training school” in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and “Huiquan training school” in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and issued an emergency notice, requiring all localities not to tolerate the illegal training activities of some training institutions against the wind, and seriously investigate and deal with them as soon as possible, until their school running license and business license are revoked, and they are informed in a timely manner The whole province, as an example, warns off campus training institutions to standardize their operation. In the next step, the Ministry of education, together with the market supervision department, will strengthen the supervision of illegal behaviors of off campus training institutions, implement the requirements, further improve the information collection mechanism, deeply carry out information collection and sharing among government departments for profit-making off-campus training institutions, and continue to promote joint punishment for dishonesty. Information sharing for epilepsy patients