Ministry of Education: the number of dropouts dropped to 2419 in the national compulsory education stage

China Education News – China Education News Network, Beijing, September 23, “the basic realization of compulsory education dropouts should return.” At the press conference held by the Ministry of education, Vice Minister of Education said at the press conference held by the Ministry of education on the realization of the fight against poverty. < p > < p > ZHENG introduced two sets of data. “First, as of September 15, this year, the number of dropouts in compulsory education in China has dropped from 600000 to 2419. Among them, the number of dropouts from poor families who have registered for registration has dropped from 200000 to 0. The net enrollment rate of junior high schools in China is the second highest in 2019, which is 6.94% compared with that in the whole country. ” Zheng Fuzhi said. Skip to content