Modern women should guard against ovarian “crisis”. These four problems should be eliminated and their fertility should be reduced

Pregnancy is a matter that needs both men and women to complete. The combination of men’s sperm and women’s eggs can give birth to the crystallization of love and make women pregnant with children. To sum up simply, as long as women have

, nowadays, the high rate of infertility has shown a problem, that is, the quality of female eggs is declining, or the survival rate of male sperm is low.

but in women with infertility, most of them have abnormal ovaries. Once the ovaries go wrong, they directly affect ovulation. Without high-quality eggs, how can you get pregnant. When women do not menstruate, or menstrual confusion and other phenomena, most of the reason is that women’s ovarian problems, should be paid attention to.

when there are ovarian problems, it becomes a luxury for women to ovulate normally. Most patients with abnormal ovaries will not ovulate. If they do not ovulate, it means that sperm can not combine with the egg, so they can’t get pregnant smoothly.

Ms. Wang is a “strong woman”. When she was young, she was in the entrepreneurial period. She left the birth of children behind her mind and devoted herself to her career. If you want to achieve something in your career and have good financial conditions, you can start to prepare for pregnancy with your lover and prepare to have children.

However, after the economic conditions were almost the same, Ms. Wang’s pregnancy preparation was extremely difficult. After one year, she had not conceived a child, which made Ms. Wang extremely anxious. On a Sunday, she took her lover to the hospital for examination. After a detailed examination, the doctor concluded that there was no problem with the sperm of Ms. Wang’s lover. It was Ms. Wang who suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome.

Ms. Wang was suddenly confused. She was very afraid that she would be infertile. For a moment, she broke down. After appeasing Ms. Wang, the doctor said that polycystic ovary syndrome is not infertility. As long as it is well treated, there is still hope of pregnancy.

the doctor made it clear that Ms. Wang should not give herself too much work pressure and psychological pressure. She must work and rest on time, eat three meals on time, and stop drinking alcohol.

and also gave some suggestions to Ms. Wang’s lover. Be sure to prepare for pregnancy together, keep good eating habits and work and rest habits, and relax with Ms. Wang. The doctor prescribed traditional Chinese medicine for Ms. Wang to recuperate her body. She made it clear that as long as she took active medication and cooperated with the examination, she still had a hope of having a baby. She could relax and not be too anxious.

the ovary is very important to pregnancy, but many young women unintentionally damage the ovary, and even some bad behaviors are done every day, making it very difficult for them to prepare for pregnancy in the future.

in the past, when there was no mobile phone, most women would go to bed at about 9 o’clock, get up at about 6 o’clock in the morning, have a good breakfast, and walk around for a walk before going to work. Sleep well, good spirit, not hurt the body, moderate exercise is also extremely good for the body, therefore, in the past, the proportion of female infertility is not high.

However, nowadays, it is good for most women to go to bed before 11 o’clock. Many of them have to stay up late to watch their mobile phones or work overtime, which leads to sleep disorders in most women.

go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning. Sometimes, even the important breakfast is missed, and the best time to exercise is also missed. Therefore, women’s physical quality naturally declines every day.

sleep disorders can lead to poor mental health and endocrine problems in women. The most direct manifestation of these women is irregular menstruation, lack of spirit and always feel sleepy. If you don’t sleep well at night, the hormone secretion will be inhibited. If the hormone secretion is too little, the ovary will be abnormal.

the direct result of ovarian abnormality is irregular menstruation. Abnormal menstruation makes ovulation a luxury. If ovulation is not smooth, it is even more difficult to get pregnant.

many people have no spare time to exercise because of the fast pace of society. Lack of exercise, will lead to blood flow obstruction, and then lead to premature ovarian failure.

because of lack of exercise, most women will be troubled by obesity, poor physique and easy to get sick. In this way, in order to achieve the purpose of being thin and make the disease better quickly, most women will take weight-loss drugs or cold medicine.

but “the medicine is three parts toxic”. Some drugs contain hormones which are very “strong”. Especially if you take some weight loss drugs for a long time, they will often lead to the imbalance of female hormone levels, and then lead to ovarian abnormalities.

women have more social roles than men. Therefore, women will accumulate pressure at work and have no place to talk about pressure. They will also accumulate grievances in their life, and they will have no place to vent their grievances. Especially in terms of feelings, they will also suffer various kinds of injuries.

the accumulated grievances will directly affect the health of the body. For women, negative emotions will make women’s physical skills show “negative value”. Women always suppress themselves, and the direct consequence is to lead to endocrine disorders, premature menstruation, amenorrhea, abnormal ovulation, premature ovarian failure and so on.

if you want to have a child smoothly, it’s not only one party’s efforts, but also women’s pressure on pregnancy is more, so the husband should take more care of his lover emotionally. If you want to be a father to be, you should be a good husband first, and let your lover bear less family pressure and financial pressure.

in this way, when a woman is an optimist and has no worries, it is very relaxed and pleasant to become a pregnant mother with good sleep and regular diet. I hope every woman can have a happy life and have a lovely baby. Focus