“Mom, I’ve got my throat locked!” Do not want the baby to be around the neck of the umbilical cord, it is best not to do these three things

Pregnant mothers should have a correct understanding of the umbilical cord around the neck. Although the probability of the baby’s risk caused by the umbilical cord around the neck is very small, there is no effective treatment to solve the problem.

the umbilical cord is a thin channel connecting the fetus and the mother. Through this small tube, the baby tries to absorb nutrition, so as to meet with the mother safely. The importance of the umbilical cord is self-evident.

but once this soft tube is put on the neck of Taibao, it is a very critical thing. Mother can’t help. Therefore, once the “umbilical cord around the neck” is detected, it should be paid enough attention by mother.

when Xiao pan was pregnant for the first time, the pregnant woman next to him was discussing with the doctor about “the umbilical cord around the neck”. Pan listened and tried to search after home to see what it meant.

as a result, this search doesn’t matter. The umbilical cord is so long that it can cover the baby’s neck. The key is that when the umbilical cord is around the neck, adults can’t help and watch the baby get entangled.

it was not easy to wait until the next pregnancy test. Pan quickly asked the doctor to see if his baby had umbilical cord around his neck and asked if he could do B-ultrasound more than once. However, the doctor replied that she didn’t have to be so nervous.

many pregnant mothers will be shocked when they first hear the word “umbilical cord around the neck”. One is the umbilical cord for nutrition and the other is the neck of the baby. It is not a good thing to pull any one too tightly.

but in fact, the baby is not so nervous about the umbilical cord. He is bored in his stomach, and the toy only has this small tube, so sometimes he drags and shakes to pass the boring time.

the umbilical cord is so long that it is often put around the neck. Sometimes the baby can take it off with a certain action. Unless it is really entangled too tightly, the baby is “locked throat” can not break free.

umbilical cord around the neck is a common phenomenon in childbirth, the incidence rate is 20% – 25%, in which the incidence rate of one week around the neck is 89%, and the incidence rate of two weeks around the neck is 11%. It is very rare to have umbilical cord around the neck for 3 weeks or more.

we can’t avoid baby playing with umbilical cord, but we can start from the root causes, so that the frequency and intensity of baby’s fetal movement can be reduced, so that the probability of umbilical cord around the neck will also be reduced accordingly.

babies in their stomachs feel sleepy, hungry, and have a certain amount of work and rest time. Many Baoma mothers can’t help but “stay up late and keep fit” because they have leisure during pregnancy.

in fact, staying up late not only consumes Baoma’s energy, but also disrupts Taibao’s work and rest time. He already wants to have a rest, but if Baoma stays up late, the baby will be restless and move frequently to protest.

in order to give Taibao enough rest, Bao’s mothers should go to sleep at least 10-11 o’clock every day, and it’s better to add a 1-2 hour lunch break at noon.

when the pregnant mother’s body does not replenish food in time, the nutrients supplied to the baby will also be interrupted. If the baby is hungry, the baby will move frequently, but the pregnant mother can’t eat without restraint.

Baoma is most suitable for eating less and more meals, while ensuring the nutrition matching of each meal, forming a regular eating time at the early stage of pregnancy, so that the baby can gradually adapt to it, which is beneficial to the digestion function of mother and baby.

although many stars and sports experts have taken pictures of their bodies with big stomachs, it’s good for pregnant mothers who are not professional athletes to have a look. This kind of high-intensity exercise is not suitable for ordinary people.

umbilical cord around the neck is usually detected by B-ultrasound during pregnancy examination. After one or two weeks of umbilical cord around the neck, fetal movement monitoring should be strengthened, and pregnancy examination should be carried out regularly. Doctors will properly handle it for us.

on average, there is one case of umbilical cord around the neck in four pregnant women. Because the umbilical cord around the neck really increases the difficulty of delivery or affects the health of the fetus, it is only a small part of the cases.

as long as the baby’s neck wrapping is not serious, the worst result is just to prepare for caesarean section. The pregnant mother must relax her mind, and her nervousness will also affect the fetus, making him more restless.

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