More and more jaundice in children, most of which is related to the little habits of pregnant mothers. Don’t do it in disorder during pregnancy

In ancient times, suffering from jaundice was a “strange disease”. The ignorance of feudal superstition has harmed many children. Nowadays, jaundice is no longer a difficult problem.

Qiqi felt her daughter’s skin yellow and asked her mother-in-law, “why is Xixi so black and yellow? I’m not black with his father? Why is she like this The mother-in-law said, “it’s OK. It’s ok if the child grows up. It’s like a day.”

after listening to her mother-in-law, Qiqi didn’t take it seriously. She thought it would be good to wait. When the vaccination, the nurse said that the West has jaundice, can’t put the vaccine, need jaundice down after can.

I feel that my ignorance has hurt my daughter for so long. With the help of the doctor, after a period of treatment, the Western jaundice has basically subsided. At this time, looking at the west, it is really a lot of white.

jaundice in children is also called neonatal jaundice, and it will appear only when the baby is less than one month old. Because the body’s bilirubin metabolism is abnormal, the symptoms are that the skin or mucous membrane will turn yellow.

neonatal jaundice can be divided into two types, namely, physiologic and pathological. Physiological jaundice appears in the second to third day of life, and generally subsides on the seventh to tenth day without treatment.

pathological jaundice is manifested on the day of birth, that is, within 24 hours. Symptoms can last for 2-3 weeks, and there will be aggravation or recurrence at any time.

generally speaking, jaundice in children first appears in the face, continues to extend to the chest, stomach, thigh, and finally to the palm, foot and limbs. Mild to moderate jaundice with yellowing of the skin on the face and trunk. Severe ones can spread all over the body.

all the nutrition and energy of the baby comes from the pregnant mother. If the pregnant mother does not supplement enough nutrition, resulting in lack of nutrition, will make the baby prone to jaundice in children.

spicy food can cause birthmark or deformity to the baby. Although spicy and stimulating food, eating can be too much mouth addiction, let pregnant mother feel very satisfied.

it will affect the endocrine of pregnant mother, and the hormone will also be disordered. In the long run, adverse to the development of the baby, and may cause fetal poisoning and jaundice in children.

eat more foods rich in these nutrients, such as milk, fish, animal blood, eggs, fish and shrimp, big bones, bean products, vegetables and fruits.

during pregnancy, 800-1200mg calcium, 65g protein and 60-100mg iron were supplemented daily during pregnancy.

diet during pregnancy is very important, and it is better to be reasonable and balanced. Diet during pregnancy as far as possible light some, four kinds of food try not to eat, fried, sweet, spicy, raw and cold.

these foods are not suitable for pregnant mothers and will be harmful to the development of the baby. One of the spicy food should pay more attention to, a little careless will let the baby have jaundice, to avoid and far away.

it’s hard to conceive in October, but for the sake of the healthy development of the baby, the pregnant mother must keep her mouth shut. It’s better not to eat anything that needs to be avoided. If the baby appears jaundice in children, must cause attention, analysis is physiological or pathological in the right medicine.