More and more people are going to private schools because of the “high fever” in primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination

Recently, in the second half of 2020, the teacher qualification examination for primary and secondary schools was opened in 28 provinces, and a large number of college students entered the examination room and embarked on the road of obtaining teacher qualification certificate. < / P > < p > the teacher qualification examination of primary and secondary schools is a starting point to become a primary and secondary school teacher. In the eyes of many young people, primary and secondary school teachers are not a good choice because of their heavy work. However, in recent years, there has been a phenomenon that the number of registered teachers for the qualification certificate keeps rising. < / P > < p > the most direct evidence is that the media reported that on the first day of online registration for the teacher qualification examination for primary and secondary schools in the second half of 2019, the enrollment port was congested due to the surge in the number of applicants. The topic “the collapse of” was once on the hot search list of microblog. According to the data released by the Ministry of education, nearly 9 million people participated in the teacher qualification examination for primary and secondary schools in 2019. It is worth noting that the number of applicants in the first half of the year was 2.9 million, while that in the second half of the year increased to 5.9 million, more than double the number in the first half. < / P > < p > this growth trend has appeared in 2018. Ren Youqun, director of the Department of teacher work, once introduced in a press conference held by the Ministry of education that the number of candidates for the examination in the second half of 2018 has reached 4.47 million. From to, teachers’ professional development, social status and income level have been well protected by the system. The superposition of these factors has become an important factor to attract college students to enter the education industry. This year, Mycos released that the industry with the largest proportion of employment of 2019 undergraduate graduates is the “education industry”. Zhang Xiao, a junior in the school of Journalism at Renmin University of China, signed up for this year’s teaching examination. She made the decision this summer. Zhang Xiao had taught online classes and worked as a part-time tutor before, and had a certain perceptual knowledge of the profession of teachers. In addition, her parents were middle school teachers, so she made the decision to go home to become a teacher after graduation, and this choice also met her parents’ expectations. As a teacher, he Yixin, a 2021 master of Chinese International Education Major in Fudan University, is also a job-hunting goal of he Yixin. In the past few years, she has worked as a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language in Nottingham, England and Spain. At present, she is working as a teaching assistant in an international school in Shanghai. As a teacher, she feels that she is more comfortable with her career as a teacher. In addition, teachers have longer vacations than other jobs, which has become an important factor for young people to choose this career. “I can take advantage of my spare time to go outside and have a look.” He Yixin said. < p > < p > he Yixin introduced that the teacher qualification examination mainly focuses on the knowledge of senior high school, which is not very difficult on the whole, and it can only be prepared carefully. What is really difficult is “the teaching link in the interview”, especially for some students who are not from normal university, it will not be too easy. However, there is a phenomenon worthy of attention. Public primary and secondary schools with “iron rice bowl” are no longer popular choices for students participating in the “teaching and examination”. More and more people are looking to private primary and secondary schools and off-campus training institutions. Not long ago, the reporter saw at the first off-line double election meeting held in Beijing in autumn that, in addition to those state-owned enterprises, a large number of people lined up in front of the stalls of some well-known training institutions. It also confirms the reporter’s observation that the employment growth of university graduates in the “education industry” is mainly concentrated in “private primary and secondary schools and teaching auxiliary institutions”. < p > < p > in August 2018, the general office of the State Council issued a document clearly stating that “teachers engaged in the training of Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology and other disciplines should have corresponding teacher qualifications”. The introduction of this policy not only promotes the popularity of “teaching and examination” to a certain extent, but also improves the overall quality of employees in private training institutions, which will attract more young people to enter the industry. In an interview with a reporter, a normal student listed the advantages of training institutions: “more young people”, “more and more famous schools and higher education”, “faster promotion speed in training institutions”, “do not care about so many students, not so much responsibility”, “more income, more than 10000 yuan is the minimum” To some extent, these descriptions show the choices of young people in choosing employment units. “Most of the students we train go to well-known public primary and secondary schools in Beijing, but after five years of service, many of them have gone to training institutions.” A teacher from a normal university in Beijing said. However, this year’s sudden epidemic has made online training institutions develop rapidly. In the market, good momentum means more opportunities and better income. However, not all candidates for the primary and secondary school teacher qualification examination have a clear goal, and some of them are “for the sake of the examination”. Chen Rong, a junior who applied for the senior high school English teacher qualification examination this year, belongs to this category. “Now the plan is a little too idealistic. It is very likely that I will devote myself to other examinations this time next year.” Chen Rong said. Xie Hui, vice president of human resources administration of an online education enterprise, said in an interview with a reporter from China Youth Daily., “the current hot state of online education industry will encourage some students to follow suit and join the field, and the teacher qualification certificate can play a role as a stepping stone for non major students.” However, she also reminded that “we should carefully consider when making career choices. The education industry is an industry that needs long-term investment. To be engaged in this industry, we must have a sense of awe, study content from our heart, and serve students and parents, so as to make achievements.”. Next