More and more stomach problems, in daily life, these stomach damage behavior, do you have a trick

: in today’s society, chronic gastritis, acute stomachache, chronic dyspepsia and other gastrointestinal diseases are very common digestive diseases. “Ten has nine stomach” means that nine of ten people have stomach diseases, which is enough to prove that the incidence rate is high. If we are not careful, we will suffer from “pain”. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the health of the stomach. < / P > < p > the most basic food to eat three times a day is early, middle and late. In fact, almost everyone knows the best time to eat three meals, but there are always people who forget to eat or sleep. This is a great harm to the stomach and irresponsible to their own body. The most basic of the traditional way of health care is to pay attention to eating well, sleeping well, and doing what you want to do at any time. In addition, the digestion time of food in the stomach is fixed. If we are in the period of digestion of food in the stomach, but we do not eat, and the food that is not stored in the stomach is empty, then the gastric juice secreted by the digestion of food will damage our stomach. < / P > < p > some people always like to eat very full when they eat, so they will feel satisfied when they eat very much. But have you ever thought about the capacity of your stomach? For the stomach, you eat before the stomach is empty, after eating the stomach is full of all kinds of food, so the stomach will be tight and full, is particularly hurt the stomach. Moreover, the daily intake of calories can be calculated, and the intake ratio of breakfast, lunch and dinner should be even. < / P > < p > often drink coffee, soda and other stimulating drinks, although coffee can make people full of vitality, refreshing effect. But the acid, oil and caffeine in coffee may stimulate the gastric mucosa. Drinking coffee for a long time will damage the gastric mucosa and easily lead to gastric ulcer and other diseases. The same is true for other stimulant drinks. < / P > < p > when smoking, smoke is inhaled from the respiratory tract all the way to our stomach, which is easy to stimulate gastric membranous inflammation, and then lead to gastric ulcer and other diseases. Alcohol is also very harmful to the stomach, especially for those who drink alcohol once to vomit. A large amount of alcohol will damage our gastric mucosa and cause gastric bleeding. < p > < p > pepper itself is an irritant food. Proper eating can promote the blood circulation in the stomach. However, if you eat this kind of stimulating food frequently, the stomach must be hurt first, which will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause gastritis. The most important thing is that the imported food must be clean. If you eat something that is not fresh or clean, it will not only cause acute gastritis, stomachache and other symptoms, but also may be accompanied by other system diseases. < p > < p > light diet and balanced intake of various nutrients are the most basic. When eating, try to chew slowly, which can increase the secretion of saliva, which is conducive to better digestion and absorption of nutrients. < / P > < p > a positive and optimistic attitude is one of the magic weapons to have a good body, and proper exercise will enhance our body resistance, promote metabolism and stomach digestion. < / P > < p > this is the most simple and convenient way to keep healthy. As we all know, Hericium erinaceus clove tea is an excellent tea for nourishing the stomach. We should drink a small packet every day, so we can easily nourish our stomach! < / P > < p > if you don’t want to prepare your own ingredients and feel troublesome, you might as well take a look at the following tea bag. It is a well matched tea bag, which is convenient and fast, and the effect will not be bad at the same time. Conclusion: in traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach plays a leading role in the five viscera and six Fu organs; in modern western medicine, the stomach is one of the main digestive organs of the human body. In addition to the function of storing food, the more important thing is to digest food, absorb nutrients and discharge garbage. But the stomach is actually a very delicate organ, we should take good care of it yo. 08/16/2020