“More terrifying” than the new coronavirus is the rumor that hundreds of people around the world have died from the misinformation of the new coronavirus

In the first three months of this year, at least 800 people worldwide died of false messages related to the new coronavirus, and about 5800 people were sent to hospitals because of false information on social media, the BBC reported on Monday. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

‘s novel coronavirus pneumonia, is a hotbed of the new crown pneumonia epidemic rumors. Reuters

WHO has said earlier that the information epidemic of new crown pneumonia is spreading as fast as the virus itself, and conspiracy theories, rumors and cultural stigma all contribute to the death of Facebook. Twitter

according to the authors of the study, many of the victims were advised by reliable medical information, such as eating large amounts of garlic or vitamins to prevent new coronavirus infection, and even drinking cow urine.

the BBC shared their experiences with doctors, experts and victims and found that misinformation related to the new coronavirus was also associated with attacks, arsons and deaths.

although misleading information about vaccines has been deleted or marked on social media, a recent poll in the United States shows that 28% of Americans still think Bill Gates wants to put microchips into human bodies with vaccines.

doctors interviewed told the BBC’s anti false information team that false information could completely destroy the realization of effective immunization against the new coronavirus vaccine. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE