More than 10% of female infertility caused by ovulation disorders, want to be happy as soon as possible, pay attention to the following items can be improved

Ovarian failure to ovulate normally is the most widespread problem encountered in infertility. About 10% – 15% of couples have difficulty in pregnancy because of ovulation disorder.

Nowadays, it is very difficult for young people to have children. Many of them go to the hospital for physical examination first. If they have any problems, they have to take good care of them before they begin to prepare for pregnancy. This is very in line with the national “eugenics and good education” principle. But do you think that everything is ready for pregnancy testing? To get pregnant as soon as possible, women need to pay attention to many aspects.

ovarian failure to ovulate normally is the most widespread problem encountered in infertility. About 10% – 15% of couples have difficulty in pregnancy because of ovulation disorder.

there are many factors leading to the abnormal ovulation of ovaries. Among them, malnutrition, high work pressure, chemical pollution or radiation environment are the most direct causes. Some of them may also cause ovarian ovulation difficulties due to allergy, excessive exercise and other problems.

during pregnancy, eggs and sperm are required to combine into fertilized eggs. If the eggs are normal, but the sperm activity is too poor and the quality is not high, most of them will lose their activity in the process of going to the uterus, which will directly lead to infertility.

the fallopian tube is an important area where sperm and egg combine to form a fertilized egg. If the fallopian tube is blocked and the two cannot reach the fallopian tube successfully, it is very likely that they will not be able to get pregnant, or even have ectopic pregnancy. This situation is very serious.

in general, the proportion of tubal obstruction caused by congenital malformations is very small, most of which are caused by acquired gynecological inflammation or infection.

if a fertilized egg wants to enter the uterus normally, it has to go through a cervix. If there are problems with the acidity, secretion and consistency of cervical mucus, it will be blocked out, resulting in infertility.

to sum up, only if both men and women are healthy and there are no problems in the above parts, can they be pregnant. However, if you want to have a healthy baby, you should prepare well in more places.

folic acid can effectively prevent neonatal vascular malformations, which is very beneficial to the health of the baby. In recent years, the state has been constantly strengthening the publicity of folic acid to pregnant mothers. Some areas can also be free to distribute folic acid, general national distribution of folic acid are quasi font, can effectively prevent congenital vascular malformation.

so when choosing folic acid, you must purchase it in a regular hospital. The efficacy of folic acid is almost the same, so there is no need to spend high fees. As long as it is regular, the efficacy is almost the same.

today’s young people basically don’t have the habit of going to bed early. After hard work in the daytime, they want to play more at night. However, if they are in the pregnancy preparation stage, they should pay attention to their work and rest, do not stay up late, and adjust their biological clock as soon as possible.

the normal work and rest should go to bed at 9:00 p.m., but for young people with rich nightlife, it is good to enter the sleep state before 11:00. At this time, various organs of the body enter into dormancy, and deep sleep can effectively help to restore energy.

if you have the habit of smoking and drinking before, you should change it as soon as possible. The probability of fetal malformation caused by alcohol and tobacco is very high, even if they do not drink alcohol, but smoking second-hand smoke is more harmful, so not only women can not smoke and drink, men should also restrict their own behavior.

in order to avoid getting sick during pregnancy, it is better to adhere to the habit of running in the morning and walking after dinner in the afternoon, so as to effectively improve one’s immunity and fully reduce the probability of getting sick.

but if you are still sick during pregnancy, don’t take hard drugs, take drugs at random, and go to the hospital for examination, so as to avoid adverse effects on the fetus and affect their growth and development.

women with Qi deficiency can drink donkey hide gelatin and red dates during pregnancy preparation, which can effectively improve the symptoms of less menstruation, dizziness and cold hands and feet, so as to improve women’s constitution.

brown sugar ginger is very hot, so you should pay attention to methods when eating. Generally, do not eat during menstruation, which will lead to increased menstrual volume. However, it can be properly eaten at ordinary times, which is very conducive to blood tonic. It is the best tonic for women with physical deficiency and uterine cold. However, women with hot body should eat it according to the situation, otherwise it may lead to acne, nosebleed and other symptoms 。

before and after ovulation, women’s leucorrhea will become more transparent, conducive to pregnancy, but some women’s physical fitness is not good, at this time the leucorrhea may become turbid. Therefore, fish soup can effectively increase the transparent drawing of leucorrhea, which can effectively help some women with poor follicular development and help them get pregnant as soon as possible. 08/17/2020