More than 100000 people worldwide die of snoring every year! The reason is

Snoring is a common sleep phenomenon. More than 70% of people snore almost every night, and it can happen from the newborn to the elderly. It is easy to be regarded as a common thing. Some people even think that snoring is the performance of sleeping. Next, let’s have a look at it.

some people who snore do not know that they are snoring, but listen to their roommates. The snoring is more uniform and regular. If you adjust your posture slightly or someone else pushes them, you will not snore.

this kind of “simple snoring” may be caused by excessive fatigue, drinking, eating too much and other reasons. This kind of snoring will affect other people’s sleep in the same bedroom, but it will not affect their own sleep quality and health.

but if you often fall asleep quickly and snore all around, the sound is loud but irregular, sometimes even the nose is blocked, you need to open your mouth to breathe, sometimes you will be suffocated, or even apnea; you should pay special attention to it if you don’t sleep long enough during the day and you are sleepy and in poor mental state!

if you are “simple snoring”, the roaring train noise will torment the people beside your pillow. You can improve it by adjusting your diet, exercise and sleeping posture, without affecting your health.

but if you are “sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome”, repeated episodes of nocturnal hypoxia and hypercapnia due to apnea may lead to complications such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

at the same time, due to the continuous suffocation during sleep, sleep structure disorder, sleep interruption, lack of deep sleep, leading to daytime sleepiness, poor mental state and low work efficiency.

when a person breathes normally, the airflow enters the oral cavity, nasal cavity, throat and other parts through the mouth and nose, and finally enters the trachea. No matter which process is not smooth, snoring may occur.

snoring is mainly caused by airway obstruction caused by throat soft tissue relaxation. With the growth of age, muscle function declines, and there are too many polyps in the palatopharyngeal part, which affects the respiratory airflow passing through. When the airflow passes through the narrow part, eddy current will be generated, which will cause vibration and cause snoring.

at the same time, with the increase of age, the relaxation, collapse and retrogression of upper respiratory tract will become more and more serious, which will increase the possibility of upper respiratory tract occlusion, which is more likely to cause apnea.

the incidence of male snoring is higher than that of female, and the most important reason is the difference of physiological structure between male and female. The position of the male laryngeal node is relatively low, so it is easy for the male to run to the empty position when sleeping, thus blocking the trachea and causing snoring. When the female appears this kind of situation, can stop breathing directly, thus suffocate awakes.

secondly, the probability of snoring in postmenopausal women is significantly higher than that in normal women, suggesting that estrogen secretion level affects the occurrence of snoring and sleep apnea. This is one of the reasons why men snore more easily than women.