More than 30 female students in Heilongjiang gathered to fight with each other, and many of them were punished by the school education bureau

On the 23rd, the Education Bureau of Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province, released the results of the investigation and handling of the video of two groups of female students fighting on the Internet. At about 11:00 on September 19, a student from Yilan County No.2 Middle School and Sui, a student from Yilan County Vocational Education Center, engaged in a fight near wuguocheng square outside the school. Gai called together more than 20 people, including Wang and Zhang, and Sui called together more than 10 people including Xu and Li to participate in the fight. According to the investigation, 16 of the 22 people involved in the case are school students and 6 are social personnel. No casualties have been caused. At present, the public security department has been involved in the investigation. < p > < p > on September 22, the video of a fight between Gai and Sui was spread within a certain range, causing adverse effects. After learning about the relevant situation, the Education Bureau of Yilan County immediately formed a special class to instruct the schools concerned to seriously review and reflect, and to deal with the relevant responsible personnel and students of the school seriously. < p > < p > they were given serious warning and demerit recording punishment to Cao Shouwei, vice principal Liu Xunli, vice principal Zhang Xin, director Lv Chunnan and Liu Donghai of the county vocational education center; sun Jiaping, teacher of the county vocational education center; Cao Shouwei, the principal; and Wang Gang, vice principal, Zhai Yujun, Chen Dong, director, and county No.2 Middle School, respectively Wang Lipeng, the teacher of the second middle school, was punished with demerit recording and the principal Wang Gang was removed from office. < p > < p > for the students involved, Yilan County Vocational Education Center decided to give Sui a dismissal punishment. The second middle school of the county was instructed to carry out serious criticism education on Gai. In the next step, the Education Bureau will seriously reflect on the matter, draw inferences from one instance, and improve the work. It will immediately carry out special supervision activities on campus safety throughout the county, actively carry out positive psychological intervention and counseling for students, effectively strengthen moral education and legal education for students, and strive to build a safe campus. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here