More than 90% of parents of children interviewed pay attention to the construction of inclusive Park

In the past two years, all localities have vigorously built inclusive kindergartens, increased pre-school education degrees, reduced the price, and eased the problem of “difficult to enter the kindergarten, expensive to enter the kindergarten”. Do you care about the construction of inclusive Park in your area? Recently, the social survey center of China Youth Daily conducted a survey on 1967 parents of children through the questionnaire network. It was found that 94.3% of the surveyed parents were concerned about the construction of inclusive kindergartens in their areas. For the inclusive Park, the most concerned issues of parents were the campus safety management, the qualifications of the main body and teachers, food safety and education philosophy. 61.9% of the parents surveyed hope to train the teachers of the park, and 55.5% of the parents hope that the government will give more financial support to the park. < p > < p > Li Xia, who lives in Qingdao, is the mother of a 5-year-old child. Her children’s private kindergarten has been transformed into a inclusive kindergarten this year because of the difficulties in operation. “In the first half of this year, children were not allowed to enter the kindergarten, and there was a problem with the source of school funds, so they were transferred to the inclusive kindergarten. The teacher said that this can enjoy some government subsidies and rent preferential policies. Pei Wen, a teacher of a bilingual kindergarten chain in Beijing, told reporters that her kindergarten also encountered some financial difficulties this year, but with the support of the group, it can still be maintained. Pei Wen is also concerned about the situation of the park. “In the past two years, great efforts have been made to build the inclusive Park in Beijing. I know some of my colleagues in private parks. I learned from them that some private gardens that used to charge several thousand yuan have been reduced to 600 or 700 yuan after being transferred to inclusive park. According to the survey, < / P > < p > the survey shows that 94.3% of the surveyed parents are concerned about the construction of inclusive Park in their area. In terms of regions, the second line% pays the most attention to the construction of the inclusive Park, followed by the first line%). According to Pei Wen, the charges of Pratt Whitney park are really low, and more degrees are provided, which can alleviate the difficulty and high cost of admission. However, the inclusive park is also divided into different levels, with different tuition fees and teachers. Moreover, the quality of kindergartens with the same tuition fees is not necessarily the same. Kindergartens with high quality and low price are still scarce resources. < p > < p > the survey shows that for the inclusive Park, the most concerned issues of parents are campus safety management, personnel qualification of the main body and teachers, food safety and education philosophy. Wei Zhen, who lives in a county in Hebei Province, has a two-year-old daughter. The child will reach the kindergarten age next year. She pays close attention to kindergarten related information. “In recent years, we have opened a lot of private kindergartens here. They are not large enough. I wonder if they will become inclusive kindergartens. In fact, as a parent, what I am most concerned about is not the nature of inclusive, but whether the quality is more guaranteed. < / P > < p > for Pratt Whitney Park, other issues that parents were concerned about included the quality of facilities and teaching aids, distance from home, tuition fees, class size, etc. < / P > < p > although we advocate the development of inclusive kindergartens, some parents still sacrifice the quality of life and send their children to more expensive kindergartens. For this practice, 43.8% of the surveyed parents think it is unnecessary, and the difference in kindergarten education level has little impact on their children. 43.1% of the surveyed parents think it is necessary not to let their children lose at the starting line, and% of the surveyed parents say it is hard to say. < p > < p > Li Xia recalled that in order to select kindergartens for her children, she spent a lot of time comparing many kindergartens at different levels. “We can’t afford more than ten thousand yuan a year. The kindergartens in our community are very common. Many teachers only have high school education. Finally, I found a smaller bilingual kindergarten for my children to find a balance between the quality of children’s education and the quality of family life. < / P > < p > “to evaluate whether a kindergarten is good or not, of course, we should first look at safety and standardization, and then look at the concept of education.” Pei Wen told reporters that children in the early childhood stage are mainly learning in five fields, namely, health, language, society, science and art, rather than learning subject knowledge. “In some kindergartens, there are only one or two part-time foreign teachers who dare to call bilingual garden or international Park, or even if they have done some decoration, they dare to call them Montessori garden. They stir up concepts and raise fees. Parents should know more about some relevant knowledge and polish their eyes. How to support the development of inclusive park? 61.9% of the parents surveyed wanted to train the teachers of the park, 55.5% of the parents wanted more financial support from the government, 54.2% suggested that experts should be invited for teaching and research guidance, 53.6% of the parents called for the private inclusive parks to be included in the rating and compensation system, 50.9% of the parents wanted to send public teachers to the private inclusive parks, and 37.0% of the parents suggested reducing the number of teachers Rent free. Liu Yan, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and professor of Education Department of Beijing Normal University, pointed out at the national two sessions this year that integrating inclusive preschool education into basic public services can strengthen the government’s responsibility to promote the development and supply of inclusive preschool education, and provide institutional and financial guarantee for the development of inclusive preschool education. According to Li Xia, on the basis of ensuring the standardized operation of inclusive kindergartens, what needs to be improved is the level of teachers. “We hope that teachers in private inclusive Park and those in public kindergarten can enjoy the same training opportunities and improve their professional quality. In this way, parents can safely put their children into the hands of teachers. “. Of the parents surveyed, 72.8% of their children studied in the park. From the first line%, from the second line%, from the third and fourth line, and from urban or rural areas accounted for 1.6%. Next