More than a dozen mites crawl into the eyes? Add some “material” in the water, so that mites have no place to hide

Mr. Yang’s eyes have been itchy and dry recently, thinking it is lack of sleep. Recently, I took time to go to the hospital for an examination. I found an incredible thing. There were more than a dozen mites in the hair follicles of their eyes. Mr. Yang does not understand, he usually pays attention to the health of the home, even garbage will not be put at home overnight, how can parasitic mites? < p > < p > through inquiry, the doctor learned that Mr. Yang has a bad habit of sleeping and likes to cover his face with a quilt. Mites breed in the quilt, and the quilt covers the face for a long time. The face becomes the next comfortable home for mites. In the new season, the air is humid, which is a good time for mites to expand their territory. < / P > < p > someone asked curiously, can’t you see mites growing on your eyes when you wash your face and take a bath every day? In fact, mites are very tiny creatures that can’t be seen no matter how good their eyesight is. Mites are not individuals. They usually live in groups. They like wet and warm places. Our living environment is full of traces of mites. When there are more mites, our skin will change. Many female friends are worried about why they get up every morning with greasy faces. Mites get into the oil glands to stimulate secretion. If you find abnormal oil coming out of your nose and cheeks and eliminate oily skin, you can consider whether mites have settled in your face. < / P > < p > the skin of a baby is very enviable, smooth and delicate like a shelled egg. The human body needs to excrete a certain amount of oil every day to promote the balance of water and oil. If you often squeeze blackheads or cleaning is not in place, it will lead to pore enlargement. If the mites occupy your pores, you will also feel the pores are clear. < / P > < p > I haven’t stayed up late recently, and I have eaten light food. How can the acne on my face grow like spring bamboo after rain. Mites also need to be excreted every day, and the secretions produced every day accumulate on the face. Acne and other red and swollen places are likely to be mites blocking pores caused by the impact of beauty. < / P > < p > also did not eat allergens, skin is always very itchy, can not help but scratch. The part is red and hot, and it is easy to scratch with a little strength, which indicates that mites may be lying on your skin and sucking nutrients? Don’t hurry to put the mites on the morning. < / P > < p > not only on the skin in vitro, but also easily reach the body and disturb the health with the air circulation. Mites absorb the necessary nutrients for the growth of hair, it is easy to lose hair, a long time dandruff trouble also came. Some people with poor immunity may also cause lung discomfort, cough and vomiting. < p > < p > the plum rain season has just passed, so take your quilt out and bask in the sun. What people say is the smell of sunshine hidden in the sun dried quilt, which is actually the smell of mites being burnt. After drying the quilt, remember to pat more, sterilization and mites. < / P > < p > the back is itchy when taking a bath, and there is no stain when rubbing the back. Try to add some salt, not only to remove oil, but also to alleviate the itching caused by mites. Especially itchy parts can be dipped in hot salt water for a while with cotton swabs, which can effectively inhibit the growth of mites. The clothes we wear are also a good place for mites to hide. When washing clothes, you can add some sulfur soaping water to slow down the irritation of sulfur soap itself. In autumn, the clothes and bed sheets are covered with water mixed with sulfur soap, and then put away after exposure to the sun. When it’s time to wear it next year, it’s recommended to wash it again. < / P > < p > good skin needs not only nourishment of skin care products, but also clean environment. Any place in the room may be the home of mites. Clothes close to the body must be exposed to the sun after washing the bed sheets. More ventilation can reduce mite infection. 2