More than half a month after the expected date of delivery, the child has not been born, the doctor scared everyone after cesarean section

Usually, when the parturient has the first prenatal examination, the doctor will calculate the expected delivery date according to the menstrual cycle and menstrual time of the parturient. Although the expected date of delivery is only an estimated date, but

is the first pregnancy, the whole pregnancy is very tense. Finally, it’s the due date, but Taibao hasn’t started all the time. Her mother-in-law says, “it’s a blessing for a child. If you stay in the womb for more than one day, the child will be healthier.” After all, my mother-in-law has experience. When I hear her say that, I feel quite at ease.

in this way, a week after the due date, I saw that Taibao still didn’t want to start, so I began to worry again. “Just wait for the baby to have a problem?” Quietly told his friends about his worries. Friends who have had childbearing experience all say that it is recommended to go to the hospital quietly for a check-up. After all, there is a doctor’s professional guidance, which is more reassuring.

but just when she wanted to go to the hospital, she was stopped by her mother-in-law. “If you go to the hospital now, the doctor will definitely call you a caesarean section. They just want to earn money for your operation!” My mother-in-law’s “painstaking words” made it difficult for me to speak more, so another week passed.

seeing that it was half a month after the due date of delivery, she couldn’t sit still. Finally, she went to the hospital despite her mother-in-law’s obstruction. The doctor found that the amniotic fluid in the uterus has been very turbid, and the fetus may have been asphyxiated, so he immediately decided to have a caesarean section. During the operation, the situation in the womb startled everyone present.

there is not much amniotic fluid left in the womb, and it is very turbid, and even the odor is coming out. The little guy is dying, and his whole body is blue and purple, and he is suffering from severe hypoxia. Finally, the baby was sent to the neonatal intensive care unit, whether it can be rescued still needs to be observed.

usually at this time, the doctor will carry out B-ultrasound examination on pregnant women, and then observe the amniotic fluid condition in the uterus and the condition of the fetus. Doctors will also give more reasonable suggestions for pregnant women’s pregnancy care based on this, or judge whether they need to do cesarean section immediately. It has to be said that prenatal examination before delivery is very important.

in the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetal movement is very regular. At this time, the pregnant mother can judge the situation of the fetus in the uterus by observing the fetal movement. If fetal movement is abnormal, then pregnant mothers must pay enough attention to it. Especially after the due date, pregnant women develop the habit of counting fetal movements every day, which can help pregnant mothers find special situations as soon as possible.

pregnant mothers can do some walking, prenatal gymnastics and other suitable exercises to help induce labor. Moderate exercise is helpful for the fetus to enter the pelvis, and the relaxed pelvic ligament is more conducive to the arrival of the first stage of labor. However, pregnant mother should not be too anxious when exercising, it is necessary to control the amount of exercise. In addition, the right amount of exercise can also help pregnant women relax and welcome the arrival of childbirth.

after the due date, when the fetus is not born, pregnant mothers should not be too alarmed. They should communicate with the doctor in time and do a good job of prenatal examination on time. I believe that the fetus will be born smoothly. However, if the expected delivery period exceeds two weeks, then pregnant mothers must pay attention to it, follow the doctor’s arrangement, and do not reject caesarean section excessively. 2