More than one million children in the United States have been confirmed and new crown campus is being protested

According to Johns Hopkins University statistics on November 18, local time, since the beginning of the epidemic, the death toll in the United States has exceeded 250000, reaching 250029. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded 11 million, reaching at least 11485176. What’s more, more than one million children in the United States have been diagnosed with new crowns, which means that one in nine new crown confirmed cases is a child. Children are more likely to be infected with the new coronavirus than adults and are more likely to have serious complications after infection, according to a report released on November 16 by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the association of children’s hospitals.

with the rapid increase in the number of children diagnosed with new coronavirus in the United States, people begin to pay attention to the physical and psychological trauma caused by the new coronavirus, and more and more question the government’s practice of forcing face-to-face teaching back. More and more teachers and parents took to the streets to protest the restart of the school.

according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, since the beginning of the school season, there has been a significant increase in the number of new crown confirmed cases among children in the United States. Data show that the number of newly diagnosed cases of children has increased more than twice since September. Especially in the two weeks after November, the number of newly diagnosed cases of children has exceeded the sum of previous may and June.

not only that, the proportion of children patients in all confirmed patients is also rising. At the beginning of May this year, only 3.7% of the total cases were confirmed by children, and the number reached 11.5% on November 12. Experts say that the root cause of this phenomenon is that some senior government officials use the opening of schools to lead the economic restart and treat children as “pawns”.

Scott atlas, the White House’s new crown epidemic consultant, once made astonishing remarks in order to promote the restart, and sometimes even contradicted himself, such as “children will not transmit the new coronavirus” and “the mortality rate of children after diagnosis of new coronavirus is extremely low”. Some medical experts say that although the mortality rate of children infected with the new crown is indeed very low, it can not be the reason for completely opening schools, because children will definitely infect their families and teachers after infection, thus accelerating the spread of the new coronavirus in the whole society.

at the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States found that children infected with the new crown are very likely to have a complication called “children’s multi system inflammatory syndrome” after recovery. Paul Ekin, a pediatric emergency doctor at the U.S. carpiolani medical center, said children are extremely vulnerable to the new disease and are usually diagnosed 2-4 weeks after infection with the new coronavirus.

Ekin said that most of misc cases occur in children aged 1-14 years. The main symptoms are fever, eye inflammation, abdominal pain and vomiting. Then there are problems in the central nervous system, leading to drowsiness and abnormal movement, requiring hospitalization, and even death.

pediatricians in Utah also found that with the rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus in the state, more and more children are infected with misc, and the sick children usually need to be sent to the intensive care unit for treatment. Because misc is very likely to affect the heart function of children, children can not take any competitive sports within 3-6 months after discharge.

in addition, Xinguan epidemic also caused psychological trauma to children in different degrees. The CDC study found that compared with 2019, the proportion of mental health-related visits of children aged 5-11 and 12-17 increased by 24% and 31% respectively. Psychologists say children may have long-term mental health problems after experiencing things that pose a direct threat to their own safety.

, novel coronavirus pneumonia, a little girl named Olivia, was unable to return to school after her grandmother died of the new crown pneumonia, according to American Broadcasting Company. After that, Olivia was even afraid to leave home and dare not go to public places. “I don’t want to go to school, I’m going to die,” Olivia said to her mother after learning that face-to-face classes were resumed

although various studies in the American medical community have confirmed the trauma to children caused by reopening schools, there are still some local governments and schools that insist on opening face-to-face teaching while ignoring epidemic prevention measures. In response, teachers strongly condemned the school’s behavior and held protests one after another.

on November 17, teachers’ unions in kohasat, Massachusetts, held a rally to protest against the school district’s plan to increase face-to-face teaching. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the protesters said, “we do not think that the school has done any safety measures to increase the risk of new crown pneumonia.” They strongly urged the school district to reconsider.

before that, hundreds of teachers in Atlantic City went on strike to protest against the school district’s plan to restart the campus. They said that the school failed to live up to its previous commitment to renovate the ventilation system, and even used carpet dryers as air purifiers. It is obvious that the school does not have the ability to protect the health and safety of students and staff.

at the same time, some parents of students participated in the protest. In Lakewood, Ohio, parents held a protest outside Lakewood high school on the evening of November 16, demanding that the safety of teachers and students should be put first and that face-to-face teaching should be postponed.

it is worth noting that CDC recently published a guidance document on the opening of autumn school on its website, which pointed out that “children are at a lower risk of contracting new coronavirus than adults, and are unlikely to be the main carriers of new coronavirus”. At present, the document has been withdrawn and replaced by: “there is growing evidence that children are indeed infected with the new coronavirus and are clearly transmissible.”.

the media commented that the previous guidance of CDC seems to be motivated by the political motivation of “helping the trump government to promote the restart of schools”, and children have obviously become “victims” of economic development innocently. The US government’s disregard for children’s life safety and mental health is indeed outrageous. HEALTHY LIFE