Most of the short-lived men have the characteristics of “two small and four slow”. If they don’t, congratulations

With the improvement of living standards and the progress of medical technology, people’s life expectancy has been generally extended. According to the relevant data, China’s population over 90 years old is increasing.

the growth rate of longevity elderly is very fast, so we must follow the pace of health. But we can also find that there are some people around us who seem to have shorter lives, and people who live shorter lives also have common characteristics.

according to the impact science research, it is found that the grip strength represents the amount of people’s muscle, and muscle is very important for people after middle age.

any activity of the human body can not be separated from the cooperation of muscles. Muscles can also help to protect the joints of the human body and protect the health of the bones. Moreover, the more developed the muscle is, the more powerful the contraction is, the more it can promote the venous blood to return to the heart, and the blood circulation of the human body is better.

after the peak of human grip strength between 30 and 40 years old, it will gradually decrease with age. The way to maintain grip strength is to keep exercising. After 50 years old, if your grip strength is relatively small, it is a reminder that you need to keep exercising.

vital capacity refers to the amount of air that people exhale after they breathe in as much as they can. The vital capacity is related to people’s health. Scientists from Boston University School of medicine have found that there is a close relationship between the vital capacity of the human body and the metabolism of various systems. Every organ and tissue of our body is consuming oxygen every moment. Oxygen supply is sufficient to maintain the normal operation of the body.

the greater the vital capacity, the more sufficient oxygen the human body will absorb. On the contrary, the smaller the lung capacity, the smaller the oxygen intake. People with large lung capacity will have a clearer mind and higher memory; on the contrary, people with smaller lung capacity are prone to dizziness and inattention.

our body produces a lot of wastes and substances that are not conducive to our health every day. We need to excrete toxins and garbage through our metabolism, and defecation is a very good channel.

if harmful substances are kept in the body for a long time, it will increase the metabolic burden of the body and damage the functions of various organs. In addition to sweat and urine, only by maintaining smooth defecation can we better detoxify.

people need full bowel movement during defecation. If people with healthy intestines can excrete their stools smoothly, constipation will also occur if there are intestinal problems.

when the human body is in a deep sleep state, the activities of heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, metabolism and endocrine organs will gradually weaken, and the damaged cells in the body will also quickly repair.

we all know that if you sleep when you feel uncomfortable or have a fever, you will feel much more comfortable when you wake up. This is because the body can repair itself during sleep, and good sleep is the basis of enhancing human immunity.

scientists have found that people who get enough sleep over a long period of time are more likely to live longer. If you sleep slowly and have sleep disorders, it indicates that you have problems with your body function. Long term lack of sleep increases the risk of illness.

as the saying goes: the old legs of a man are old. Our legs bear the weight of the whole body, and bear the daily activities. The poor physical quality and the aging speed of function are shown on the legs of people first.

the most obvious manifestation is that walking starts to be muddy and water flowing, and the walking speed is getting slower and slower. If the walking pace is steady, it shows that the muscle strength of the leg is very strong, the heart and lung are healthy, and the blood vessels of the leg are unobstructed.

injuries are inevitable in our daily life. If we are not careful, we will have bumps and bumps. For people with good physical fitness and strong cell repair ability, the most obvious performance is that the wounds heal quickly.

when the human body is aging, it is in a sub-health state. When you have a wound in your body, you need to rest for a long time to make the wound heal slowly. Therefore, the speed of wound healing is also one of the ways to measure a person’s physical condition.

smoking and drinking are harmful habits. Therefore, if you want to live a long and healthy life after 45 years old, you must give up smoking and drinking alcohol. You can choose to drink tea instead of smoking.

drinking tea is conducive to physical health, enhancing the body’s immunity and preventing diseases. When drinking tea, people can also help accelerate the body’s metabolism, expel toxins and garbage, replenish the five internal organs and resist aging.

relevant studies have found that eating one serving of raw vegetables every day can help prolong life span, because vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of dietary fiber, which can not be absorbed by the human body, but can accelerate the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, and discharge toxins and garbage.

vitamins, anthocyanins, etc. contained in vegetables and fruits have strong antioxidant effect, maintain vascular elasticity, prevent vascular blockage and prolong life span.

walking is one of the simplest ways to live a long life. Walking has been recognized by the World Health Organization as the best way to exercise in the world. People who walk more than 30 minutes a day are four times more likely to live longer than others, the study found.

when most people walk, they can help to strengthen their metabolism and reduce the residue of harmful substances. It is also the simplest and most convenient way to prevent heart disease. So from now on, it’s better for health and longevity to do less and open legs. Focus