Most of the women who win the prize when they touch each other have these four characteristics. Are you easy to conceive?

Xiaotian has a very lovely daughter. After her daughter was born, the couple did not intend to have a second child, but he was still accidentally pregnant. After learning that she was pregnant, OTA and her husband discussed that they had to go to abortion surgery. As a result, a few months after the abortion operation, ODA was again & quot; successful. The doctor told OTA that her body had not fully recovered, and that the abortion was not good for the uterus, so she had to give birth to the child. Now that she has two children at home, she is under great economic pressure. However, she did not expect that Koda became pregnant again less than 4 months after Er Bao was born, which made her collapse. What makes OTA feel speechless is that one of her relatives has been pregnant for several years, but she has not had a child. Her relatives are especially envious when they know that she has Er Bao. However, Koda felt very embarrassed about this. Because of his constitution, he usually took medicine to contraception, but he didn’t expect to get hit frequently. Seeing the envious eyes of relatives, OTA bluntly said: I would rather exchange with you. < p > < p > for some women who want to have a baby, easy pregnancy constitution is definitely a desirable thing, but for those who do not want to have another baby, it is undoubtedly a nightmare. < / P > < p > some medical studies have shown that the success rate of women’s pregnancy preparation is also closely related to their age. It will be more difficult for women to conceive again after a certain age. To put it simply, if two women prepare for pregnancy, their success rate is higher when they are younger. So for those who want to have a baby, it’s better not to have a baby over 35 years old. Those Baoma with easy pregnancy constitution are generally in the right age. < / P > < p > women’s menstrual cycle is generally 24-35 days, even if delayed or advanced, as long as it is not more than a week is normal. Long or short period of women, pregnancy will be affected. If a woman’s menstruation is more normal, then the eggs will be discharged regularly. If a woman intends to give birth to a baby, she only needs to calculate the time of ovulation to provide the probability of conception. It is not obvious that women’s ovarian hormone secretion is too high to affect their menstruation. And even after pregnancy, they are more likely to suffer from pregnancy disorders, and women with a balanced weight are more likely to conceive. < / P > < p > there are many women because of not paying attention to diet and bad habits of life, will appear palace cold, which is not conducive to fertility. Even if pregnant with a baby, there is a possibility of miscarriage, and those easy to get pregnant women, they have a good reproductive system and a healthy uterus, which means to provide a good environment for pregnancy, the mother’s chances of pregnancy will also increase. < / P > < p > pregnant women are very envious of easy pregnancy constitution, but in fact, this kind of constitution is not a good thing for many families, but it will have many disadvantages. If the parents are not prepared to give birth to their children, they should not only rely on their parents’ pressure to raise their children. Once upon a time, parents only needed to ensure that their children were fed and clothed. However, many families now want to provide the best material conditions for their children. No one wants their children to lag behind others in material matters. Whether it is the cost of normal life or the cost of education, it costs a lot of money every month. < / P > < p > in fact, for the matter of pregnancy, both husband and wife should let it be. Mothers who want to be pregnant must not have too much psychological pressure, otherwise it will only backfire. If the husband and wife do not want to have so many children, they should also take safety measures to avoid accidents. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!