Mother and baby weekly: 18 batches of children’s furniture are unqualified! IKEA named

Recently, Shanghai market supervision department focused on sampling inspection on 25 batches of children’s furniture sold by tmall, Jingdong and store 1, with 18 batches unqualified and the detection rate of non conformity of 72%, among which IKEA children’s bed and desk were also listed for warning signs not qualified. This time, the unqualified children furniture mainly focuses on two aspects: one is warning signs, and the other is structural safety. The inspector told reporters that if the holes and gaps of furniture do not meet the standards, fingers may be accidentally stuck by the holes in the furniture. In order to prevent accidents, the state clearly specifies the size of the aperture on children’s furniture, less than 6 mm, or more than 12 mm. In addition, 11 batches of products were not qualified in the test, including IKEA’s two products. In recent years, Shanghai market supervision bureau has spot checked 25 batches of children furniture sold online, 18 batches are unqualified, and the detection rate of unqualified is 72%. Among them, there are 2 batches of warning signs of IKEA tmall store that are unqualified. IKEA responded that it had a warning sign of age and different ways of expression, and had maintained close communication with relevant departments on the matter. According to the announcement issued by the State Administration of market supervision and administration on September 18, Shanghai Xinwei Sports Products Co., Ltd. recalled the model b1-500 scooter of 301795 model of oxelo brand manufactured from January 2019 to July 2020 from January 2019 to July 2020, according to the announcement issued by the State Administration of market supervision and Administration on September 18. The recall of the children’s scooters is due to the risk of falling injury when they are used in a particular situation. According to Tianyan search app, Shanghai Xinwei Sports Products Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a wholly foreign legal person company, mainly engaged in the production and sale of sports products, indoor and outdoor sports products, which belongs to decathlon’s affiliated company. Wangfujing group is striving to promote the implementation of tax-free business forms, and develop three types of duty-free shops, namely port duty-free, island free and city tax-free. Beijing is the key distribution area of its tax-free business. Airport duty-free stores and duty-free stores in the city will be located in Beijing, and plans to build a business complex with tax and tax exemption integration in Beijing global resort. At the same time, Hainan free trade port strategic opportunity, in Hainan Island distribution tax-free business.

according to the September 22nd official account of WeChat public in Hongkong Disney Park, Hongkong park will be reopened in September 25th and reopened. The park will operate for five days in a week. It will be closed until Tuesday and Thursday until further notice. The park will be open in September 22nd. On the 20th of local time, the Japanese government said that as a part of the strategy for the reduction of children, a subsidy of 600000 yen will be issued to newly married couples from 2021 to help them pay rent and move expenses. The Japanese government currently provides 300000 yen subsidies for newly married couples to help young couples postpone their marriage due to economic reasons, but they need to be under 34 years old and their family income is under 4.8 million yen, Kyodo reported on Tuesday. In order to solve the problem of oligomerization, the Japanese government will further relax the conditions from next year, from the age of 39, family income to 5.4 million yen, and the subsidy amount will also rise from 300000 yen to 600000 yen. The press and Communication Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the social sciences literature press jointly published. According to blue book, the Internet penetration rate of minors has reached 99.2%, significantly higher than that of China. The age of the first contact of minors is decreasing, the proportion of people who start to contact the Internet at or under 10 years old reaches 78%, and the main age groups of the first contact are 6-10 years old. After the US shares’ opening on September 22, Nike announced its financial performance in the first quarter of fy2021. According to the data, Nike Q1 revenue was US $10.594 billion, down 0.6% year on year; net profit was $1.518 billion, an increase of 11% year-on-year; earnings per share was $0.97, compared with us $0.87 in the same period last year. Nike said in the financial report that its first quarter was online%, offsetting the impact of its wholesale business and declining Nike store revenue. The General Administration of Customs announced today that since July 1, the Customs has imposed a punishment of “no purchase of duty-free goods from Hainan Island within three years” by customs through the supervision system, and said that it will continue to strictly implement the punishment means such as “qualification punishment” and severely crack down on illegal and illegal acts such as “buying on behalf of the Taiwan Island”. On September 24, mingchuang excellent submitted its prospectus to the securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, with a planned fund raising of $100million and stock code “MnSO”. Tencent has 5.4% of shares. In 2019, Gmv, a famous and excellent product, reached 19 billion yuan, with a revenue of 9.394 billion yuan. The company announced that it will be listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem on September 24, with stock code of 300892. The number of shares issued in this public offering is 25million shares, accounting for 25% of the total number of shares after the issuance. The data show that pinworth food was founded in 1997, mainly engaged in the development, import, sales of self-owned brand food and the cooperative agency sales of foreign food. It has independently developed and promoted the “German” dairy products and other self-owned brands. It has already cooperated with the third largest dairy enterprise in Germany, Howard group, the second largest dairy enterprise in Germany, m ü ller group, Ehrmann group and the seventh largest dairy product company in the world Products enterprises like the early morning Xi group established cooperation relations. Before this issuance, Wangmu, chairman and general manager of pinwo food, held 67% of the company’s shares, and was the controlling shareholder. Wang Mu and xusongli control 70% of the equity in total, which is the actual controller. After the issuance, Wang Mu’s share is expected to fall to 45 per cent. Recently, Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of physical education and art education of the Ministry of education, pointed out that “in order to arrange homework, the physical education course must also be arranged in the future. Now we should reduce the homework of culture class, but the physical education homework must be added. ” The results showed that the children of 4 years old played trampoline, and the elbow fracture was caused by falling The reporter investigation found that many training institutions have set up children Latin dance training classes, children trampoline classes, and some parents are eager to do so, and the trend of the low age of the practitioners is obvious. Experts say: the “adult” of children’s movement is not desirable and must not be promoted. Some parents’ unrealistic choices may lead to a family tragedy of lifelong regret. On September 22, the American Education Examination Service Center announced that the mechanical test and family version test of primary school TOEFL were officially launched in China. Vipkid became the official exclusive authorized cooperative brand of the TOEFL Family Edition examination in China. The basic planning, the two sides will jointly develop the system, in order to achieve the primary school TOEFL test at home as soon as possible. The family version of the test is signed up by students and completed online according to the corresponding system requirements. Through online examination supervision technology to ensure the fairness of the examination, the family version of the test will also issue the same certificate as offline examination. On September 23, the state new office held a conference on the situation of compulsory education to ensure the education to be guaranteed in the decisive battle and fight against poverty. Zhengfuji, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of education, said that the number of large classes and the number of super large classes in the previous years were relatively serious. Up to now, the number of large classes with more than 56 people has been reduced to 3.98%, and the extra large class is the number of extra large classes, which are basically eliminated and controlled to 66 Within. According to the information of financing and financing of bainmei, the net purchase of financing on September 17th, 2020 was 8.5331 million yuan; the financing balance was 322million yuan, an increase of 2.72% compared with the previous day. In terms of financing, the purchase of financing on the day was 14.3773 million yuan, the repayment of financing was 5.841 million yuan, and the net purchase of financing was 8.5331 million yuan. In terms of margin lending, 2700 shares were sold, 0 shares were repaid by margin, 2700 margin and RMB 19800 was borrowed. The balance of margin financing totaled 322million yuan. On September 19, it was reported that after Yili withdrew from the restructuring in April, Huishan dairy industry ushered in two potential investors, namely Yuexiu group and xinhope group. As potential investors in Huishan dairy industry, Yuexiu group and new hope group have submitted the reorganization plan respectively. The reporter learned from the official website of Shenzhen stock exchange that the latest audit status of IPO of Shaanxi Hongxing Meiling Dairy Co., Ltd. is “suspended”. Hong Kong Meiling responded to the Beijing News on September 24 that its IPO suspension is related to the updating of financial information, and will resume the IPO declaration process after the update of the information is completed. Industry analysis believes that, affected by the epidemic situation and the mixed battle of the milk powder market, the red star American antelope will not be able to achieve the goal of doubling its performance this year. On September 19, Jindian, Yili’s organic milk brand, announced that it would take the lead in the introduction of paper straw environmental protection. It may become the first brand in the dairy industry to implement paper straw. On September 20, the Customs issued a public number to introduce the definition of hydrolyzed milk protein infant formula and special medical infant formula to consumers, and gave the guidance for purchasing the formula. It pointed out that: 1) to see the type of milk powder, and to specify the specific label on the product label for special medical use infant formula Category and applicable special medical conditions, such as: product label marked milk protein partial hydrolysis formula, suitable for milk protein allergy infants. 2) Note the product registration number. China stipulates that the food for special medical use shall be registered by the food safety supervision and administration department under the State Council. When registering, the formula, production process, label, instruction and materials indicating the safety, nutrition adequacy and clinical effect of special medical purposes shall be submitted. Introduction to the column: < p > weekly is an industry information dynamic column. It is a weekly review of the industry policy trends and insight into the industry trends, so that you can grasp the overall situation in 3 minutes! 08/16/2020