Mother and baby weekly: to include kindergarten into compulsory education? The Ministry of education has responded!

Miao Wei, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference and former Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said at the “11th Caixin Summit: Rebuilding global trust” on November 14, China has stepped out of the demographic dividend period in recent years, and the aging problem has become increasingly prominent. A series of problems such as economic growth and population employment caused by this should be highly valued. Last year, there were 14.65 million new-born babies in China, and the birth rate dropped to 10.48 ‰, and it is expected that the number will further drop to less than 11 million by 2030. After the full liberalization of the second child, there was no birth peak. Recently, under the influence of the epidemic, UNIQLO’s sales dropped sharply, costs increased and gross profit margin decreased. In addition, the global situation of the epidemic expansion has brought some regional markets to a standstill. As a result, 80% of its revenue comes from UNIQLO’s sub brand. In 2020, the company’s net profit and revenue declined for the first time in three years. On November 13, Disney released its fourth quarter financial report, with revenue of $14.71 billion and market expectation of $14.195 billion; net loss of $710 million and expected loss of $1.695 billion. From the operating revenue of each business sector in the fourth quarter, Disney media network revenue was $7.213 billion, up 11% year-on-year and 9.92% month on month; theme park, experience and product revenue was $2.58 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 61% and a month on month increase of 162.46%; film and television entertainment revenue was US $1.595 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 52% and a month on month decrease of 8.23%; and direct service to consumers and international business income was 4.853 billion US dollar, up 41% year-on-year and 22.27% month on month. < p > < p > according to the baby room announcement, the company plans to purchase 48.53% equity of Nantong xingai pregnant and Infant Products Co., Ltd. held by Zhu Yuanqi for 112 million yuan. Nantong xingai is an important holding subsidiary of the company with strong profitability. After the completion of the equity acquisition, the company will directly hold 48.53% equity of Nantong xingai, and the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Qinbei jointly hold 100% equity of Nantong xingai, and the company will merge 100% of the profits generated by Nantong xingai. The revenue of bilibilibili in the third quarter was 3.23 billion yuan, an increase of 74% over the same period of last year. The market is expected to be 3.068 billion yuan. The adjusted net loss is RMB 990 million, which is RMB 343 million in the same period of 2019. < p > < p > on November 20, the parent company of perfect diary, Yixian e-commerce, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, with the IPO price of $10.5/ads, and the closing price of Yixian e-commerce rose 75.24% on the first day of listing. The IPO of Yixian e-commerce plans to raise 558 million U.S. dollars, and the number of final subscribers exceeds 38000, and the subscription amount exceeds 1.59 billion US dollars. < p > < p > on November 19, bubble Mart International Group Co., Ltd., a fashion toy company, sought to be heard by the Hong Kong stock exchange. It will disclose its prospectus as soon as this weekend. It will be officially listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in late December. Bubble mart’s IPO in Hong Kong is expected to raise $200 million to $300 million, with Morgan Stanley and CITIC Securities as co sponsors. Recently, pinduoduo’s affiliated company, Shanghai xunmen Information Technology Co., Ltd., has recently added a number of trademark information, with the trade names of “touch Duoduo”, “zhendunduo” and “Duoduo shopping”. The international classification involves transportation and storage, communication services, advertising sales, etc., and the trademark status is shown as “trademark application”. On November 16, Jingdong group released the third quarter financial report of 2020. As of September 30, 2020, the number of active customers of JD in the past 12 months has reached 441.6 million, an increase of 32.1% over the same period of last three years, with a net increase of more than 100 million active users. Recently, 36 krypton learned that according to the Beijing Communications Administration Bureau, there are problems such as illegal collection and use of user information and compulsory authorization in flash delivery and Jumei premium mobile app. On November 16, Beijing Municipal Bureau of communications interviewed the responsible persons of relevant companies and issued a written rectification notice on the problems existing in mobile app and ordered rectification within a time limit. Recently, it was revealed that the refund rate of well-known host Wang Han on November 6 was more than 70%. On November 12, Shanghai Yinhe Zhongxing e-commerce Co., Ltd., a live broadcasting agency signed by Wang Han, issued a statement saying that the company had never made up any data or purchased traffic. “Reasonable suspicion is the unfair competition behavior of a third party by means of bill brushing”. < p > < p > the Ministry of education’s website on November 19 disclosed the specific contents of the reply to the third meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). < / P > < p > “the Ministry of education has organized experts to do research and demonstration on bringing kindergartens into the compulsory education system.” “Experts believe that compulsory education has the characteristics of popularization, free and compulsory. At present, the main appeal of people for preschool education is to hope that the government will take more responsibility and solve the problem of” difficult to enter the kindergarten “and” expensive to enter the kindergarten “as soon as possible. There are different opinions on whether preschool education should be compulsory or how long it should be compulsory. At present, the most urgent thing is to implement the government’s responsibility, focus on expanding inclusive preschool education resources, and strive to meet the needs of the people to accept inclusive preschool education. ” Recently, the social survey center of China Youth Daily conducted a survey on 1967 parents of children through the questionnaire network. It was found that 94.3% of the surveyed parents were concerned about the construction of inclusive kindergartens in their areas. For the inclusive Park, the most concerned issues of parents were the campus safety management, the qualifications of the main body and teachers, food safety and education philosophy. 61.9% of the parents surveyed hope to train the teachers of the park, and 55.5% of the parents hope that the government will give more financial support to the park. Recently, Yang Wenzhuang, director of the population and family Department of the National Health Commission, told the second Beijing Normal University Forum on the development of child care services. Yang Wenzhuang, director of the population and family Department of the National Health Commission, said that at present, there are nearly 50 million infants and young children under the age of 3 in China, and there are few social institutions that can provide infant care services. The child care rate in various nurseries in China is only 4.1%. After interviewing the nurseries, the reporter learned that the biggest problem facing the nurseries at present is that they invest a lot, but it is difficult to raise the fees, which makes it difficult to survive and the teachers’ salaries are also low. < / P > < p > the wechat of superior education released a report on the progress of recent work, saying that all assistance programs will be provided to all children who have previously relied on superior education in the form of compensation, and the compensation scheme will continue to be given and superimposed until it exceeds the value of the remaining class hours. So far, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Jinan, Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin and other regions have carried out a round Compensation: according to the preliminary statistics, more than 20000 people were compensated, and the compensation amount was more than 90 million yuan. Recently, according to the data of the State Administration of press and publication, the retail sales of textbooks and teaching books for primary and secondary schools, colleges and secondary schools, amateur education and teaching books in the past five years has averaged about 2.8 billion copies per year, with an amount of more than 20 billion yuan. If these teaching materials are recycled for one year, the cost can be saved and about 40000 hope primary schools can be built. < / P > < p > recently, China dairy announced the potential mandatory conditional cash offer proposed by Yili shares and Zhang Jianshe to acquire all the issued shares of China dairy. On the date of the joint announcement, the offeror submitted an anti-monopoly declaration to the state market supervision and administration on October 19, 2020, and is responding to the formal acceptance of the application by the state market supervision and administration Questions raised by the newspaper. Previously, Yili shares said that it planned to acquire the shares of China dairy listed in Hong Kong through the newly established holding subsidiary wholesomeharvest limited by tender offer. The price of the mandatory conditional comprehensive offer made by the offeror to all the issued shares of China Dairy was HK $1.660 billion. Recently, Yashili announced that New Zealand dairy, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Yashili, entered into an agreement with Daph and dantrade, the buyers, on November 13, 2020 to extend the term of the 2020 supply agreement by one year and to amend some terms of the 2020 supply agreement. < p > < p > according to the Wall Street Journal, manufacturers of infant formula and diapers are struggling to cope with another challenge of the epidemic: fewer babies. Tens of thousands of novel coronavirus pneumonia may be declining in China over the next few months, according to the report. Analysts and executives say the decline in births could cause trouble for baby makers, who have been developing new product lines and shifting their focus to other products. Warren Ackerman, an analyst at Barclays, believes that the trend of declining birth rate or acceleration may promote further integration among major players in China’s infant powder mixing market. < / P > < p > big names face to face, leading the new trend of the industry, and the annual grand ceremony is coming! Sina 2020 parenting ceremony will be opened in a grand way. At that time, experts will gather together to help children grow up. Grand ceremony brand registration channel has been opened synchronously! < / P > < p > focus on industry development and pass on new knowledge of early education! Sina 2020 early childhood education summit will be held in a grand ceremony. 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