Mother is short and short? Who is the blame for children’s growth? We should know the four conditions to break through the magic spell

In today’s society, out of the consideration of good genes for the next generation, people often choose people who are relatively above the average height as their spouse selection criteria. And have a good figure and body shape in the future work, life will have some obvious advantages. Therefore, parents now attach great importance to the nutrition of their children, hoping that their children will grow tall and strong. This makes it easy for parents to listen to rumors about height.

you may have heard that there are three long peaks in one’s life. The first peak is the first year after birth, the second is before puberty, and the third is the rapid growth period of puberty. This rumor seems to be very credible and well founded, but in fact there is no scientific basis at all. In fact, a person’s height is determined by a variety of factors, and the difference of postnatal nutrition intake also leads to different height growth peaks of each child.

in fact, this is a misinformation. Many mothers are worried about whether their children will be affected because of their short height. In fact, 35% of the factors determining the height come from the father, 35% from the mother, and the rest 30% are related to nutrition, sports and other factors. Therefore, some shorter mothers should not worry too much. If their children are able to supplement adequate nutrition and get enough exercise, they can also grow tall.

the main reason why the saying “23, Chuanyi Chuang” has been handed down is that the material conditions in the past were not very good, which easily led to malnutrition and thus slow growth and development. Later, the nutritional conditions were improved, and if the epiphyseal line was not completely closed, it would be natural to be taller, and this statement was also postponed.

as mentioned above, 35% of the factors determining the height are from the father, 35% from the mother, and the remaining 30% are related to factors such as nutrition and sports. Therefore, the height of parents will affect the height of children to a certain extent. If both parents are tall, then the children’s height will also be higher; if both parents have one or both of them are short, the probability of their children’s height being shorter will be very large.

besides the heredity of parents, the second major factor affecting children’s height is life and diet. Therefore, in the children’s life after tomorrow, we must pay attention to the nutritional collocation of diet, especially in the period of youth development, parents should prepare food conducive to the growth of children, and timely supplement calcium.

secondly, if the child has some special diseases, it will also affect the child’s growth and development, thus affecting his height. These special diseases include congenital inherited diseases, as well as acquired diseases that hinder height development, such as poliomyelitis, skeletal diseases, insufficient secretion of growth hormone, etc. If parents find that their children have some special circumstances, they must seek medical treatment in time.

the important secret of the increase is to supplement protein, calcium and minerals. Fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs, peanuts and bean products are rich in high-quality protein, so we should pay attention to supplement more. In addition, remember to sun more, calcium is easy to absorb. Eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamin supplements, many people do not really understand “vitamin is to maintain life, is essential for human growth and development.”.

proper amount of outdoor activities can well stimulate the secretion of growth hormone needed by children’s growth, so as to help children grow tall. Secondly, appropriate outdoor activities can also promote the development of children’s bones, ligament stretching and muscle growth. For example, parents should make sure that their children play basketball and rope skipping activities for one hour every day.

adequate sleep is also an important guarantee for the increase in height. The main time of growing height is between 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. during this period, the secretion of growth hormone is the most vigorous, and lying on the back is also conducive to bone growth. Therefore, parents should make sure that their children go to bed before 10:00 p.m. and at least eight hours of sleep a day.

many parents buy some so-called heightening supplements in order to make their children grow tall enough. But do these supplements work? However, the person in charge of the State Food and drug administration has long solemnly reminded consumers that the relevant departments have never approved the drugs with increasing function, and all the drugs that claim to have the increasing function are false publicity. Therefore, parents should not blindly follow suit and be deceived.

although parents are eager for their children to grow tall, they should use scientific methods to promote growth and development, and do not listen to some groundless rumors. HEALTHY LIFE