“Motionless” during pregnancy? Three kinds of progressive exercise, pregnant mother is not tired, the fetus is more healthy

?” My best friend has been working since she was pregnant. Last month, she suddenly took a rest at home to raise her baby. She began to lie on the sofa, play with her mobile phone, read books and eat snacks every day. When I went to her house to see her, I kept this position.

“no, sister Chen of our unit had a miscarriage due to exercise some time ago. I dare not.” My best friend said this, I understand why she suddenly become “lazy”.

after pregnancy, women’s bodies will change. Some pregnant mothers are not suitable for exercise, but not all pregnant mothers need to lie still and raise their babies.

and lack of exercise, pregnant mothers may be overweight, affecting normal delivery. Laziness during pregnancy can also affect the growth and development of the fetus. Proper exercise, however, has the following three advantages.

after pregnancy, pregnant mothers are very worried about their blood sugar. Some of them are due to overweight before pregnancy, some are due to improper diet after pregnancy, and some are caused by changes in body hormones. But whatever the reason, controlling blood sugar is the top priority during pregnancy.

effective exercise can change glucose tolerance, which is of great help to blood glucose control during pregnancy. Exercise for 15 minutes every day can reduce 20-40 mg / dl of sugar.

from the second trimester of pregnancy, the uterus is getting bigger and bigger, and the pregnant mother is often unable to sleep, and the sleep quality drops sharply. Through effective and reasonable exercise, pregnant women can release energy and energy during the day, improve physical fitness and improve sleep quality.

the diet structure during pregnancy is sometimes unreasonable or overeating, which is very likely to cause constipation. Exercise can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation and abdominal distension.

in addition to its own benefits, the exercise status of a pregnant mother is also beneficial to the growth and development of the fetus and baby. Pregnant mother through sports to promote blood flow and aerobic breathing, fetal baby’s blood circulation will be more healthy, and then increase the baby’s vascular elasticity.

just pregnant, due to the instability of the early placenta, it is necessary to keep a stable fetus. It is not recommended to do exercise immediately. After the early pregnancy, that is, after three months of fetal stability, the progressive exercise can be started.

in terms of time arrangement, it should be controlled within 1 hour, and 10 minutes per week should be added. That is, 10 minutes a day in the first week, 20 minutes in the second week, and so on, until 60 minutes a day.

walking is recommended for all pregnant mothers to adhere to it every day, which can be called the simplest and not tiring exercise. It can not only meet the needs of aerobic breathing, but also play a fitness effect.

group gymnastics takes a long time and requires pregnant mothers to have enough energy and endurance to persist. I held on to it for a while, but because of my work, I finally gave up.

my best friend always insists on pregnancy, and she doesn’t talk about giving birth quickly (about 20 minutes into the delivery room), and her body recovers after childbirth, but I’m jealous.

my best friend said, “I also know the benefits of exercise, but I didn’t like to move before I was pregnant. Now I’m pregnant, but exercise instead. Isn’t it appropriate?” I often see this kind of question in the fan message area. It is suggested that we should consider according to the doctor’s advice. Pregnant mothers who have no exercise habit before pregnancy can exercise if they are in good health after pregnancy. But even if you have exercise habits before pregnancy, you should not exercise if you are told by your doctor as “exercise contraindication” after pregnancy.

as the abdomen gets bigger and bigger during pregnancy, it will be more difficult to exercise. Even walking can also feel tired, so in the premise of carrying out according to one’s ability, one should dress appropriately, which can protect the abdomen and support the breast.

the kettle is the standard for every pregnant mother. Especially when exercising, you should pay more attention to the importance of replenishing water. You should not lack water and cause electrolyte disorder.

in the process of exercise, once you feel uncomfortable, such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, leg swelling and other phenomena, you should immediately stop exercise and find a place to rest. If you have abdominal pain, bleeding, etc., seek medical attention immediately.

many pregnant mothers have doubts about whether they can exercise during pregnancy. About exercise, as the article says, even a simple walk is an effective way to exercise during pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Dabao, I was lack of exercise. In the end, I almost had a smooth cut. Huaierbao slightly adjusted her living habits during pregnancy. She took a walk for half an hour every day. She felt that she was full of spirit. She was born within five minutes of entering the delivery room. If you happen to be pregnant, see this article, you can try, may have a surprise!

as a second child mother who started writing in the early morning, I wrote my heart. Every bit of it is my parenting experience with two children. I hope my parenting experience can bring you a little help!