Muscle men run to lose weight and run 150 kilometers a month to see how much change in body shape before and after

Running is definitely the simplest and most effective way to exercise, but you need to pay time and endure loneliness. You must have enough perseverance and courage to face the challenges in the future. Are you really ready?

the little brother introduced today wants to lose weight by running, but this goal is set too high. He has to run 5 kilometers a day to see what changes will happen after he insists on running for 1 month. Xiaobian is looking forward to it.

let’s take a look at the figure of my little brother before the challenge. He is already a muscle man. But he is obviously not satisfied, and he hopes to make his muscle lines look more prominent by reducing his body fat rate. But this goal setting is too hard, of course, it may not be a problem for him.

little brother is a professional. He not only sets our seemingly difficult goals, but also makes the most correct demonstration, that is, we must warm up before running every day, otherwise it is easy to get hurt.

in order to keep going, I usually choose to run outdoors. You can prepare a pedometer to meet your needs. The first thing you have to do is not rest, but stretch. Don’t forget.

I also shared my sports secrets with you, that is to choose more places with good scenery. Even if there are some difficulties in the process of 5km, I will eventually stick to it. Try it.

30 days have passed, but I think it’s still relatively easy for me. You know, he ran 150 kilometers in total, and it’s really admirable to insist on running 5 kilometers every day. You know, he is in good shape, and the change after 30 days may not be so obvious. Take a closer look, that is, the abdominal muscles become a little bit more obvious. Because of lower body fat rate, the overall body looks more healthy and shapeless.

besides fitness, diet is also very important! Weight loss do not know how to eat, you can read the following column, recommended novice weight loss must learn some dietary tips, time limit 1 fold.

the comparison of back figure may be beyond imagination. Such a standard inverted triangle figure is really unimaginable. This is the existence of textbooks. Even if you are so excellent, you still have to constantly surpass yourself. Why can’t you make changes? If 5K a day is really difficult for you, starting from 2-3km is a good choice. After all, it’s the most important thing to keep going.

Finally, we can see that the muscles are firmer and even some muscle lines are seen. This is the change brought about by running. Don’t say that you can’t do it easily. Only when you have worked hard can you make a judgment. When you complain about your weight, when you feel impatient, when you can’t find an outlet to release stress, try running, and you’ll get what you want. 08/16/2020