“Muscle monk” popular network, a muscle hard to resist, netizens: envy

Where is Thailand? Speaking of Thailand, many people may think of Thailand’s various food and beauty, Internet red clock in places, and even many special people. In fact, Thailand, as a popular tourist destination, not only contains a lot of Southeast Asian food, but also produces a lot of macho culture. For example, the protagonist to be introduced today swipes the screen on the Internet because of a photo.

wearing Khaki Garza, looking at the handsome and straight facial features and half exposed strong arm muscles, this directly subverts the image of monks. Jason, from Bangkok, said he needed to live in a temple for further study as an adult due to his customs and habits, so he produced the picture. See the shape of this bald head. He also became popular on the Internet because of his huge body and his eye-catching biceps.

in fact, in addition to the above picture of monk, Jason is also a model and occasionally works as a part-time commercial actor. He is 1.86 meters tall and weighs 180 Jin. His strong muscles also make him addicted to many people. Taking off his coat, he has a good figure. Undoubtedly, his broad chest muscles and charming abdominal muscles make many people enjoy themselves and feel the male hormone overflowing the screen.

seeing the carved lines, you can imagine how low his body fat ratio is, and his plump muscles make anyone want to touch them. Although everyone knows that it is very difficult to maintain a good figure, self-discipline and persistence are the only rules on this road. If he does not continue to work hard, he may soon be eliminated by others.

in daily life, Jason is either in the fitness or on the way to fitness. He does not dare to relax on the body management. According to his personal account, he has strength training at the gym at least 4-5 days a week, and occasionally uses weekends to do aerobic training. Moreover, the training time is longer than that of ordinary people, and each time he trains for no less than 3 hours. It can be said that the gym is his second home.

and he also admitted that strength training is the best way to build muscle. In order to stimulate more muscle growth, he had to spend a lot of time in the gym to make his body stronger, more attractive and better.

regular fitness and reasonable work and rest also make his muscles rub up. Seeing this circumference, maybe many people will lick the screen one after another. Who can not love such a good figure? Of course, a person’s fitness is always boring, he will occasionally call a friend together, in the squat day and push day are very good help. In addition to the gym, he also likes outdoor sports, such as running, swimming, cycling and so on, all of which he is good at. It can be said that he is a real love fitness maniac, always want to exercise more attractive body.

of course, such high-intensity training and self-discipline habits have also made him have a better understanding of diet. It is his daily practice to cook with nutritious meals and occasionally use deceptive meals. This kind of healthy and safe training method has filled his daily life, which not only brings him a strong body, but also makes his charm gradually rise. Now he has hundreds of thousands of fans. It is because of this self-discipline and persistence that his career path has become broader.

and his achievements in work can not be separated from his self-discipline and persistence. There is no good thing that the sky has dropped. The only way to do this is to consolidate his own journey step by step, and he also does so. So do you like such a muscle monk? Welcome to comment. 08/16/2020