My recent love and Lei pin, the student party gospel is coming!

First of all, I often wear the beautiful pupil recently. Moody’s coffee shop series is a series of season throwing eyes. My eyes are easy to be sensitive, but their beautiful pupil is very comfortable for me to wear. The base arc and diameter are very close to my eyes, so I have no burden to wear them.

the colors are also very natural and beautiful. For example, what I wear today belongs to purple pink, which looks like “milk in milk”. Daily makeup or exaggerated make-up is OK.

second is a spray that I used all summer. This spray is the love of all my spray, after all, it is the Fred home.

first of all, the first thing I like about it is that its nozzle is really super thin. It sprays out like smoke and has a wide range. The second is the sense of use. It uses nano grade uric acid, which has very good permeability. For example, I stay in the air-conditioned room every day in summer, and I use it to replenish water every day.

I really recommend that you try it. You will love it. It’s both versatile and cheap. People like me can use it for a whole year. It’s really cost-effective!

my dermatology friend recommended this small ointment to me because my skin started to explode again some time ago. Is specifically for that kind of red, swelling, can not go down, feel very painful bacterial acne.

the ingredient of this ointment is 5% BPO benzoyl peroxide. It is specially designed for acne. It has excellent bactericidal effect and can inhibit the growth of new bacteria.

I usually apply it to acne at night. Basically, it lasts for two or three days, and the acne will disappear almost. It’s a lot milder than other ointments, and you don’t have to worry about hormone damage.

perfect diary’s eye and lip makeup remover I love to use recently. It can be said that it is the most mild, non eye paste and non greasy one of the eye and lip removers I have used. At the same time, it is also very clean.

I once took it for testing. Without using the eyelash remover, I can use this waterproof mascara to see if it can be unloaded. As a result, it can be unloaded and discharged very cleanly and quickly.

summer is over. Should we repair our skin in autumn. There are always people who ask why Anan has been so fat and white, and the answer is of course that he has always insisted on using whitening products. The core ingredient of

cream is “whitening gold” – light glycyrrhizin, and light licorice are mild in whitening products. They do not need to establish tolerance or avoid light. They also have their own repair functions.

after use, you will feel that the skin is obviously bright and shiny, and the whitening effect is really visible to the naked eye! It can also achieve an antioxidant effect during the day.

texture is the cream texture, feel like yogurt, in the face is very good absorption, the price is also very cheap, with the down will not love dearly!

if you also like to keep your mouth shut or you are closing your mouth for a long time, it is recommended that you try this kind of salicylic acid conditioning frozen film made by lifelong researcher. Some time ago, I had a lot of jaw closure. After using this, I obviously felt that my jaw closed a lot.
it’s really important for you to mark the number of days on the small box.

I used to feel that my pores were fine. At the same time, the oil control effect was very good. The ingredients were not alcohol, flavor and pigment. It was the salicylic acid product that I used to feel the most gentle.

, I really think it can replace some of my expensive powder. The two used on my face are almost 10 Fen. It has certain oil control effect, but it will not be very dry. It belongs to a product that can be used with dry skin and oil skin.

its powder is really fine. It feels like smoke floating upward. This face will not aggravate the sense of powder. Moreover, the effect of invisible pores is very good, and the price is very beautiful. It is less than 50 yuan!

it has a conical head, not a very thin one or a machete one. Personally, I think a conical pen is better for beginners.

its color rendering is very natural. It can’t be difficult to draw, and it won’t show too much color. Personally, I don’t like eyebrow brushes that show color very much. Sometimes, without drawing good color blocks, it’s easy to pile up, and after painting, it will reflect light.

but this painting is very natural. There is also an eyebrow powder head in the middle, which can be used to dye the eyebrow. The eyebrow brush at the end is very soft. Generally speaking, it is very recommended!

this lipstick is one of my most recent use. It was painted in the video before, many people asked. Its color is nude pink. Many people may feel very dead, but I really like this kind of nude pink and Barbie Pink this year.

texture is the matte and soft fog texture, the upper lip is smooth, but over time will be a bit dry, but not to dry the skin, that will slightly show lip wrinkles, but as long as the lipstick color looks good, I do not care about other aspects.

what I want to tell you is that it is a powder, it is really super thick, it feels like the wall, and it will drop in the hands. I used to make complaints about the powder and rough until I met it.

second point is that its face is very white, it is a honey powder cake, it should be transparent and colorless, but its face will make you feel that your face is very white and very natural.

my skin is quite white, but it is still very white with this one. So if your skin is not particularly white, I don’t recommend this one!

what’s the problem with this shampoo? I don’t like to grow dandruff, since I used this shampoo, my dandruff is really much to explode! And there will be a lot of big pieces of dandruff!

the only thing I can bear is the smell. I like it. It’s a bit like Chinese herbal medicine! But on the whole, I don’t recommend it! HEALTHY LIFE