Natural “detoxification king” found, not garlic, nothing to drink, liver poison gradually disappeared

Experts say that detoxification in the body can be carried out through urination, sweating and defecation. Urination as soon as possible after getting up in the morning can excrete the toxin accumulated all night in time, so as to avoid the toxin staying in the body and leading to liver “poisoning”. Excessive drinking will reduce the ability of liver to purify blood, lead to the increase of toxins in the body, and induce liver injury and various diseases. In addition, alcoholism can easily lead to liver poisoning and hepatitis, and long-term excessive drinking can easily lead to liver cirrhosis. Drinking more than two glasses of high concentration wine every day will damage the liver. < / P > < p > when the competition pressure is high and the work is tense, people are prone to pessimism, anger, anxiety and depression. These negative emotions will hurt the liver and lead to liver dysfunction. According to traditional Chinese medicine, depressed people often have stagnation of liver qi, while irritable people will suffer from liver Qi disorder, which can damage the liver. Foreign studies have found that irritable people are 8 times more likely to suffer from liver disease than the average person. < / P > < p > although the liver is powerful, it is a “dumb” organ, and it will not make a sound when there is no big event. In order not to miss the best period, small symptoms must be found early. < / P > < p > “liver failure first comes to the face”. Liver problems will cause disorder of body pigment metabolism and decrease of melanin secretion, which will cause a large amount of melanin deposition, resulting in dark complexion. In addition, liver lesions can also cause blood circulation obstruction, slow blood flow, more toxins in blood vessels, and excessive accumulation of toxins and garbage in periocular capillaries can also cause dark circles. Bilirubin is a kind of pigment in bile, which has certain toxicity and can damage the brain and nervous system. In addition, it has antioxidant effect. The content of bilirubin is an important basis to judge jaundice and an important indicator of liver function. < p > < p > urine can reflect a person’s health status to a certain extent. If the color of urine is abnormal yellow, which is the same as the tea overnight, or indicates that the toxin in the body is not discharged in time, the detoxification function of the liver is damaged. At this time, the bilirubin in the urine will increase, and the urine will be dark yellow, especially the first bubble of urine in the morning, which can best reflect the problem. < p > < p > the redness of the palm, especially in the areas with large and small thenar, is a typical manifestation of liver disease. This kind of palm is also called & quot; liver Palm & quot;. The appearance of liver palms indicates that the liver function is seriously decreased, the metabolic inactivation function of estrogen is impaired in varying degrees. Estrogen accumulates in the body, stimulates capillary artery congestion and expansion, and over time forms liver palms. Spider nevus is easy to appear in the face, neck, chest and other places with dense capillaries. Its shape is like a small dot, surrounded by radial capillary, looks like a thin spider foot. < p > < p > blood nevi can be large or small. The small one is a small red dot. The big one is the size of a small red bean. It may grow on the hands, legs, chest, back and stomach. < p > < p > blood nevus is the precursor of hepatobiliary disease! According to traditional Chinese medicine, the growth of blood nevus on the body means that the liver meridian is blocked and the accumulation of fat and phlegm dampness is accumulated. According to the famous works of traditional Chinese medicine, “blood nevus begins to look like a mole, and gradually grows as red as a bean. After wiping off the outer skin, it flows blood, and the liver meridian becomes angry and suppresses blood.” < p > < p > therefore, the cause of blood nevus is “liver meridian anger suppresses blood”. The larger and more blood nevus, the worse the metabolic function of the liver, the worse the fat metabolism, easy to high blood lipid, high cholesterol. Prone to fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, cholecystitis and other diseases! < / P > < p > the above small symptoms are the most common early signs of liver disease patients in the past. If you have one or more phenomena at the same time, it is recommended to check the liver function. At this time, the human body should be in deep sleep, so that the liver blood can be pushed out of the old and bring forth the new. On the contrary, those who stay up late are slow reaction, low work efficiency, pale complexion, emotional fatigue and irritability, easy to have liver disease. < / P > < p > when you have nothing to do, you can use these ingredients to soak in water and drink it in an open way. While replenishing water and moistening the liver, do not habitually drink strong tea, light herbal tea is OK. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE