Natural face will be old, Qiu Shuzhen’s face also has wrinkles, but elegant temperament is still beautiful!

Now everyone’s conditions have been improved to a certain extent, and various aspects of technology has also been greatly developed. For example, many people may go to cosmetic surgery. Some people feel that their face is not particularly good-looking, and may have certain micro finishing. Some people also go to have cosmetic surgery because of the defects on their faces, and they all want to make themselves beautiful Bright, but most people will go to the beauty salon for their own skin care, and some people may feel that their age is older, so there are more wrinkles, and the dry state is not particularly good-looking, so they will go to the beauty salon to inject that kind of water light needle. In this way, the skin feels like drinking water, but in fact, this face Eggs may not seem particularly natural. Although Qiu Shuzhen has wrinkles on her face, she is elegant and beautiful. Qiu Shuzhen can say that the whole person is really a good-looking one, and she feels that her face is also a kind of more resistant to aging. However, she feels that she is getting older now. Although she says that the whole face is a natural face, it also slowly shows signs of aging. In fact, Qiu Shuzhen is older, but she feels that her dress will be more in line with her current age characteristics. The clothes she wears are also more grounded. The makeup on her face actually can not cover up the law lines on her face, and there are wrinkles. In fact, the appearance of the whole person is very beautiful. < / P > < p > in this photo, she felt that the whole person would be more grounded. She fixed her hair at will, and you can see that some of her hair will appear more messy. However, the makeup around her eyes is a little too heavy, and the dark circles under her eyes will also be more obvious. < / P > < p > in this photo, Qiu Shuzhen feels that the whole person is really too thin. She puts her head out and wears a shirt with a plaid design. Many people prefer this style of shirt. What’s more, she wears a pair of jeans pants, which makes her thighs and calves as thin. < / P > < p > this time she went out shopping was also captured by the media. I felt that Qiu Shuzhen’s overall dress was a little more conservative. She wore a white shirt inside and a suit jacket on the outside. The length of her suit coat would be shorter, but she didn’t expect that the coat she was wearing outside would reach her knee directly. < / P > < p > from this group photo, you can feel that Qiu Shuzhen’s whole appearance is quite outstanding, and the whole face will make people feel special pure. She is wearing a black dress with some white stripes on it. The black and white stripes are also very grounded. < / P > < p > this time, I feel that the overall shape may be a little bit more fashionable. Although it is said that a shirt is on, but the color is that kind of royal blue, so it will appear more advanced. The bottom is a black leather skirt, but this skirt still has a lot of pleats. PARRENT&CHILDREN