Natural labor of the three stages of labor, what should the puerpera do? Doing your homework will help you to have a good delivery

The scene in the delivery room is always chaotic. Doctors and nurses surround the puerpera, telling the lying in woman not to use force at first, but not in a hurry, or the baby will be stuck!

but at this time, it’s difficult for a pregnant woman to ensure her rationality. Most of them are forced when they shouldn’t, but they don’t have strength when they really need to. If they don’t feel guilty for prolonging the labor process, they may also lead to dystocia.

therefore, I’d like to talk to you today about what the pregnant women should do in each stage of the three stages of natural labor? How to cooperate with doctors? Prepare well in advance and know it well, so as to avoid chaos in the face of danger.

primiparas must understand very well at this time. The intense pain makes them unable to hear anything, but this is just the beginning. We must bear in mind that this is not the time to exert ourselves.

because the cervix has not been fully opened, the fetus can not come out. Exerting force will only damage the cervix and cause edema. Moreover, at this time, excessive physical consumption, resulting in subsequent weakness, will affect the delivery of the fetus.

some parturient women are irritable with pain, and they will yell and vent, and they will be scolded by doctors. Don’t get me wrong. They are for your own good, because this will not only help, but also increase the pain.

at this time, we should cooperate with midwives to exert force correctly, not abuse brute force. Midwives have a wealth of professional experience, in the production of any feelings should be informed in time, they will tell you when to use force.

when exerting force, we should cooperate with the rhythm of uterine contraction to breathe. When contractions begin, we should grasp the handles on both sides of the delivery bed with both hands, and push down with both legs. After that, take a deep breath, contract the abdominal and diaphragm muscles, hold your breath and exert downward until you can’t hold it.

in fact, it doesn’t matter. Babies come out with stool during delivery. Doctors have been used to it for a long time. It’s the right thing to do to successfully deliver the baby. Nothing else matters.

this is the final stage. No more force is needed. The baby has been born safely. The next step is to deliver the placenta. As long as you relax, the placenta will usually come out by itself.

from pregnancy to delivery, 10-13 times of prenatal examination are required. There are different prenatal examination items for different periods of fetal development. Once fetal development problems, or abnormal uterine environment, doctors will remind pregnant women timely adjustment.

but as long as the conditions of natural birth are met, caesarean section is not recommended. Natural childbirth is the least harmful way to maternal health, and is also the mainstream recommended by the current medical community. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao