Natural “liver king” found, not pig blood, if you love to eat, adhere to January liver will thank you

It turns out that elder sister sun didn’t know where to hear that pig blood can nourish the liver, so she had to eat pig blood three times a day a few days ago, and changed her style. But just a few days ago, she felt weak all over, and she often couldn’t sleep at night. When she looked in the mirror in the morning, her eyes were a little muddy and slightly yellow.

years of health care experience told sister sun that she had a liver problem, so accompanied by her family, she rushed to the hospital for an examination. As a result, the liver was damaged, transaminase exceeded the standard and bilirubin increased.

the doctor explained that in fact, pig blood is very good for the body, but no matter how good it is, you can’t eat more. Especially this kind of food tonic, pig blood has a high amount of heat, high protein and fat content. Sister sun’s eating this way will virtually put great pressure on the liver.

it is also very important that pig blood is not pure. Many of them are synthetic or contain additives, or other animal blood is inferior, especially containing additives and other harmful substances, which is a great challenge to the liver detoxification ability.

fungus, mushroom and other fungi are delicious and have a good effect on the maintenance of the body. They are not toxic, but when they are soaked, they will produce a large number of bacteria, fungi, and even aflatoxin, which can not only cause liver diseases, but also cause adverse lesions.

now, especially the old people at home, especially those who have experienced food shortage, they all have a fine tradition of being diligent and thrifty. They are reluctant to lose their food when they are moldy. They can continue to eat after washing and rinsing. In fact, a large number of bacteria and aflatoxins will grow after moldy food, which is not clean.

in addition to metabolism and detoxification, the liver also plays an important role in metabolism of body fat. If you often eat high-fat food, the speed of liver metabolism and digestion will not keep up, and a large amount of fat will accumulate in the liver to form fatty liver. If you eat this way for a long time, it will accelerate the development of liver disease.

after alcohol enters the human body, it will not be digested and absorbed. More than 90% of the alcohol will enter the liver and decompose into acetaldehyde in the liver, which can directly cause the necrosis of liver cells. In the long run, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, hepatitis and “liver cirrhosis” will be formed.

the liver is afraid to eat indiscriminately. If you want a good liver, you must eat right. Natural “liver king” found, but not pig blood, if you love to eat, adhere to January liver will thank you. Selenium sprouts can be supplemented with nutrients such as selenium malt and Schisandra chinensis. Selenium malt has a high selenium content, and has the title of liver cleaner. It can help the liver clean up liver toxicity. Selenium deficiency exists in people with liver diseases.

in a Schisandra chinensis, selenium bud five plum extract its essence, has cleared liver free radical, repair liver mucosa effect, often eat can improve liver liking ability.

if you want to have a healthy liver, you can’t do without exercise. However, the most taboo of exercise is playing fish for three days and drying the net for two days. If you want to be healthy, you should keep exercising. However, the liver doesn’t like strenuous exercise because it will increase its metabolic pressure. Usually, jogging, Taijiquan, badminton and other gentle exercises are the best, and walking is OK for the elderly. PARRENT&CHILDREN