Natural “stay beauty cream” announced, every night to drink a little, anti wrinkle whitening, 50 years old also have young good skin

People pay more and more attention to skin care, and everyone pursues healthy and natural skin. No longer pursue dead white, not greasy, not dry, not acne acne, and glossy, moist, elastic has become a new standard. With the growth of age, acne and acne gradually reduced, but then, after 25 years old, skin collagen began to drain, skin gradually lost luster, became dry and loose, wrinkles, spots and other skin problems followed. To maintain good skin condition, daily skin care is very important.

oily skin focuses on cleaning and balancing oil secretion. You can use cleansing products with good cleaning effect, and skin care products should choose the texture type of light and thin skin. Try fruit acid or vitamin A alcohols to balance oil secretion.

in daily life, oily skin friends need to avoid frequent consumption of high sugar and oil food, which will increase the skin burden. Can eat more coarse grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, which vitamin B group substances can balance the oil secretion; vitamin C can help reduce the peroxide oil, avoid skin color because of excessive oil and dark.

the oil layer on the surface of dry skin is thin, and the water locking performance of the skin is not good, resulting in excessive water loss. Dry skin in the choice of cleansing products can choose a slightly less clean but mild cleanser, pay attention to the use of moisturizing products after cleansing. In the dry season, you can also use the texture of oily cream to form a moisture barrier to prevent the skin from excessive loss of moisture and dry.

in daily life, dry skin friends also need to eat more coarse grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, in which vitamin B group substances can balance oil secretion. In addition, you can also eat more egg yolk, animal liver, carrots and other foods rich in vitamin A, which can stabilize the skin barrier and avoid the sensitivity and redness caused by dryness.

the first thing for sensitive skin is to maintain homeostasis. Do not blindly choose functional skin care products such as whitening and anti-aging. First of all, you need to establish skin tolerance. You can buy skin care products for sensitive muscles to reduce skin irritation.

in daily life, friends of sensitive muscles should have a light diet, and they can eat a small handful of nuts every day. A variety of fatty acids in them can resist inflammation, promote skin cell division and improve skin softness. At the same time, try to avoid eating fish, shrimp and other easily allergic food, and do not eat irritating and spicy food in the period of skin allergy, such as garlic sprouts, leeks, mustard, curry, etc.

supplement of selenium rich collagen peptide can effectively resist skin aging. Among them, skipjack elastin peptide and collagen peptide are hydrolyzed collagen molecules with very small molecular weight, which can be quickly and efficiently absorbed by the human body and directly transported to the skin, with high efficiency, which can maximize the elasticity of the skin and reduce wrinkles. In addition, vitamin C and a variety of natural antioxidants can help the skin resist the invasion of free radicals and delay skin aging. Focus