Natural “thrombolytic expert” is found, not celery, sooner or later drink, blood vessels may slowly get better

Blood vessels transport nutrients for the human body and blood for various functions of the body. If blood vessels are blocked, a series of diseases will also appear. If the blood vessels in one place are blocked, it is difficult for other organs to supply blood, and the body’s metabolites cannot be discharged, thus affecting the function of organs. < / P > < p > one of the most worrying parts is the brain and heart. Once these two core parts are blocked, they are likely to cause stroke and myocardial infarction, endangering people’s lives. < / P > < p > one of the more common is caused by atherosclerosis, healthy blood vessels are smooth, and blood circulation is also very smooth, but after the destruction of bad living habits, blood vessels will be damaged, and even become potholes. < / P > < p > the harmful substances in the blood will be blocked in the potholes, which will become lipid plaques after long-term precipitation in the body. Once the emotion is too excited, it may cause blood pressure rise, these lipid plaques will be washed down. At this time, it is particularly easy to form plaque aggregation, and finally block the blood vessels. < / P > < p > professional doctors of public micro health tell us that the human coronary artery is the blood supply vessel to the heart. If there is blockage or stenosis, the blood supply to the heart will be limited, and severe ischemia will cause chest pain. < / P > < p > the brain needs to rotate, so the speed of blood consumption is very fast. When the blood vessels in the brain are blocked, the brain will suddenly not work. At this time, it will not be relieved after rest, and it will also feel headache. < / P > < p > when our pulmonary arteries are blocked, we have difficulty breathing. There are sedentary people, lower limb blood flow is not good, will lead to increased risk of thrombosis, once caused by thrombosis will lead to chest pain and other problems. < / P > < p > if you want to maintain blood vessels, you still need some medicine and food to dredge blood vessels. When you drink tea, you should add some six treasures of the furnace with the function of maintaining blood vessels and regulating blood pressure to help dilute blood and delay aging. < / P > < p > with these six kinds of medicine and food, you can have a drink sooner or later to help you dredge blood vessels and maintain blood vessel health. People in need can buy it from below, which can clean up the garbage of your blood vessels, reduce the toxin of blood vessels, and become more and more healthy. < / P > < p > there are many blood vessels and nerves in the human body, and their role in the body is relatively large. Emotion will also affect blood vessels and nerves, so if people are often angry, they will keep blood vessels and nerves in a tense state for a long time. The heart will release substances such as catecholamine and adrenaline, which will slowly destroy blood vessels. < / P > < p > health experts of public micro health tell us that aerobic exercise such as jogging, fast walking and swimming can help to stretch muscles and soften joints. They can improve blood circulation, inhibit sympathetic nerve activity, slow down heart rhythm and reduce heart burden in normal condition. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE