Never use Olay light sensitive small white bottle! The same beauty secret of Liu’s Poems

Some people say that the high beauty of female stars can not be separated from the refined filter, but some stars can only rely on daily whitening to maintain 24-hour online. Among them, the most convincing is Liu Shishi. Recently, when the TV series was killed, Yang Youning, the male host, excitedly showed a group photo with Liu Shishi. Brother Youning’s self portrait is definitely a “death angle” and his face has been deformed. Fortunately, Liu Shishi’s skin condition is online enough, white and good, and still very beautiful. In the same light, the color contrast between poetry and youningge is not just a little bit. In the end of the hit drama, the farce and shortage of rice seedlings are looking forward to it. In particular, as one of the female owners, Liu Shishi is not only a performer, but also a super eye-catching. In the poster, she is dressed in a white shirt with a beautiful cold white skin, and her temperament is too crushed. However, no matter how beautiful the self shot is or how beautiful the stills are, after all, there is the suspicion of exquisite shooting. If you look at the poems and poems that passers-by take, it seems that the skin is whiter and brighter than when she was in her early 20s, and the beauty of immortals is convincing. In addition to Liu’s poems, Zhao Lushi, who has been red to purple recently, is also known as the “king of living pictures”. In the sun, her skin is white and translucent, and her small face seems to glow. Even when the fans are snapping, the beauty of fairies is still quite online, maintaining a translucent gloss. It can be seen that white and transparent skin is the main reason for many female stars’ appearance online. Even if it is to repair the picture, what they most often use is the whitening and dermabrasion function. The skin is white, and the temperament is immortal. The benefits of whitening can be imagined, but how can we scientifically whiten? < / P > < p > first of all, to understand the principle of skin blackening, the root cause is simply summed up in one sentence: the more melanin in the skin, the darker the skin. < / P > < p > when a large number of ultraviolet rays irradiate the skin in summer, it is easy to cause damage to the skin and even cause inflammation. In order to protect ourselves, our bodies produce a lot of melanin to convert this ultraviolet damage. As a result, before autumn, our skin will be blackened by several colors. < / P > < p > if we don’t start whitening at this time, we will find that our skin becomes black and rough after summer. Therefore, we should add our daily whitening homework to our maintenance program as early as possible.

about whitening, the most important thing is to choose a reliable whitening essence. Liu Shishi and Zhao Lusi, the two white beauties who can stand the test of road life map, have a common whitening “mind”: they use Olay light sensitive small white bottle to keep the skin color white enough, bright and even at all times.

said, light sense white bottle is OLAY’s ace brand whitening product. In 2019, Tmall’s double eleven sales volume broke 100 million at one stroke, becoming the whitening essence of NO. 1. At present, there are two empty bottles of rice seedlings, which can be seen by naked eyes. It is no wonder that the buyback rate is so high that blind entry will not make mistakes! < / P > < p > after 26 years of research, Olay R & D team has improved the purity of nicotinamide, the core component of Olay, to 99.7%. With panthenol and other soothing factors, its tolerance is greatly improved. And the nicotinamide concentration is recognized as the most efficient 5% in the scientific community, which can give full play to its whitening power. < / P > < p > in addition to nicotinamide, there are whitening King fried with acylamine, which can assist nicotinamide to play the greatest whitening effect, and work together in the four major pathways of melanin production. Acylamine is responsible for blocking melanin production signals, blocking the production of melanin from the source. Nicotinamide inhibits the transport and metabolism of melanin. In this way, the light sensitive small white bottle added with acylamide has two steps more than other whitening products, and the whitening effect naturally doubles ~ < / P > < p > some people say that the whitening products used before have no effect, because the products can not solve the problem of yellowing and dullness of the face, so the whiteness can’t penetrate from the skin. While Olay light sensitive small white bottle can whiten skin color < / P > < p > at the same time, it also has the effect of lightening and removing yellow that cannot be achieved by general whitening products. This is because the components of the light sensitive small white bottle also contain the sepitonic mineral translucent factor which can remove the yellow gas at the bottom of the muscle, which can comprehensively improve the white feeling.

its bottle body uses a rotary compression pump design. Every time the bottle cap is screwed off, it can pick up the right amount of essence liquid. It does not need to be manually squeezed again. It is hygienic and economical. It is super suitable for us lazy people. The essence of

essence is white emulsion. Every time you use 1-2 pumps, you can basically wipe the face of a uniform face. It is highly mobile. After being coated, it can be absorbed well. It is completely sticky, and there is no burden in summer. With it, even if I stay up late occasionally, my face will not be sallow the next day. With the same whitening essence of poetry and reflection, we can catch up with them.

, however, if you are worried about the color difference between your neck and face after using it, you can always smear your neck and face like a seedling. The essence of a bottle of 30ML will empty bottles in a month or so, so every time you discount, the seedlings will be stored in two bottles and two bottles. < / P > < p > at present, Jingdong can buy more than one dress for free, and can reduce 60% by buying two. It’s easy to get the same type of star. Whitening does not eat soil, but it’s affordable and easy to use! We have a link ready for you. Click the picture below to go directly to the place where you buy: OK, let’s go here first. If you have also used Olay light sensitive small white bottle or have any super whitening machine, please leave a message to share. I wish you all can easily become white and beautiful in this summer, and you can always shine with your snapshot! Privacy Policy